Survived: Afrikaans primary school girl grabbed in girls toilets at Dr Havinga school Roodepoort and nearly strangled to death

An Afrikaans primary-schoolgirl was grabbed in the Dr Havinga Laerskool in Roodepoort, shoved to the floor and strangled by an adult white man. (From the picture taken during his arrest, the man was white).

The details of the trial are not made available because the victim is a minor. The girl nearly died and was unconscious when she was found.

She was not sexually assaulted and the motive for the attack remains unknown. There was nothing robbed.

Journalist Mathilde Myburgh reports in the Roodepoort Record:

“Mother speaks out: “Her daughter was allegedly grabbed in the school’s bathroom, shoved to the floor and strangled by an adult man before she lost consciousness.

The mother of the girl that was assaulted at Laerskool Dr Havinga in middle March decided to tell the Record her version of things in a letter on condition of anonymity. A 26-year-old man was arrested in connection with the girl’s assault on 22 April in Lindhaven. Details of the Roodepoort Magistrate Court’s case have not been made available.

What follows is her letter (translated from Afrikaans):
“I am the mother of the girl that was assaulted at Laerskool Dr Havinga. I don’t want our names or faces published because I need to protect my daughter. So many stories, both true and untrue versions are doing the rounds and that is why I decided to react on your coverage of events.

“Our daughter was innocently sitting in front of a classroom and waiting for us after school that day. There were sport activities at the school which meant that other children and a multitude of teachers were around. Her attacker approached her under the false pretence that his daughter’s school bag was left behind in the girl’s bathroom.

He asked my daughter to please check the bathroom for him and retrieve the bag if it was there. She agreed and he followed her into the bathroom. She was grabbed from behind. She started screaming. He pushed her to the ground and started strangling her.
She lost consciousness. The attacker fled.

“We believe it to be a miracle that she isn’t dead, wasn’t kidnapped and not sexually abused.

Nobody came to her rescue or heard her screams. Psalm 91 rings true, because in her desperation it was God that protected her.

She was very traumatised and had bruises and scratches all over her little neck. Her eyes were raw and red and bloodshot for two weeks after the attack. Although she is healthy now, I’m sure it is an experience that will be with her for a lifetime.

“We want to thank the community for their help, support and prayers after the attack. I don’t hold a grudge against the attacker.

Judgement is by God alone, it is not my place to judge him. We also want to thank Mr Visser [school principal] as well as the staff and school governing body (SGB) of Laerskool Dr Havinga, who deserves praise for their outstanding help and care.

We appreciate the teacher’s attentiveness that led to the arrest of the suspect.”

Suspect arrested for Dr Havinga girl’s assault

Dangerous anti-white hatespeech against white construction workers at Medupi Power station Ellisras

White construction workers working at the never-ending construction of the new Medupi power station in Ellisras are being intimidated by a campaign of hatespeech in which whites are referred to as ‘Paid

Assassins, Medupi For Whites’. The sign was posted next to the employee entrance writes a local resident, who is too terrified to give his name.
The Boere krisis Aksie group (123,000 members, mostly Afrikaners, posted the picture on their facebook page. The person who took the photograph writes “I can’t place this picture on my own page because

we (white workers) are too exposed here in Ellisras where the Medupi power station is being built. This (sign) is blatant intimidation against us whites’.

Background: construction delays because local black workers campaign against skilled foreign workers:

Survived: Waterfall, Durban family attcked by 2 blacks: 'We Will Rape Your Daughters and Kill You. We are HIV+ '

Survived: White Waterfall KZN family attacked by 2 blacks: ‘”… we will rape your daughters and kill you. We are HIV-positive’ The children are 8 and 10 years old… The white, unidentified family in Waterfall survived: their daughters are 8 and 10 years old and are badly traumatised.
Report by Waterfall Crime Watch
April 29 2015 –“The unnamed husband woke up to a noise and was confronted by 2 BM in his bed. The one suspect was armed with a fire-arm.
The suspects told him to turn over and they tied him up with a neck tie. They then heard their young daughters scream. The girls are eight and ten years old.
The man’s wife then asked if the kids could be brought to their room. A third black with a balaclava entered the room and tied them all up with neck ties.
The suspects further told them that ” We are here to do our job, and if you react we will rape your daughters and kill you. We are HIV positive ”
They demanded a gun – but the husband does not have a gun but he was slapped around anyway.
They then demanded kruger Rands and removed the ladies wedding rings from her finger. They also took the couples ATM cards and threatened them again and said if the pins don’t work they will come back.

The suspects helped them self to food and drinks in the kitchen while the family was being guarded in the bedroom by the balaclava clad suspect. After eating they loaded 2 flat screen tvs, surround sound, dvd

player, microwave, laptop, 2 cell phones and a cannon digital camera. They fled in the families car which is a white toyota corolla Reg Nu 48504. The mans wife managed to free her self and untied the family at

03h30. She then phoned a neighbour who alerted the NHW and SAPS. Secure link and Careline crises centre attended the scene. No arrests have been made as yet.
Comments by members about poor POLICE REPORTING:
April 30 2015: “Gareth McKerrell: ” Sounds just like the guys from forest hills.
Ryan Danger Hardwich: ” Have you ever been to a police station lately like ordering KFC in a rural town: ‘they throw a rock through my windscreen,they are still on the bridge right now’ reply: Yes besides

yourself do you have another witness,can you prove it was them,do you have video footage,do you have there names ja all we can do it make a report for insurance no were not going to go there to see if there

still there…” Another lady comes in: same story; ‘ja we can only make a insurance report…’ that’s SAP for you…”