Statistics: SAIRR Farm Attacks & Farm Murders from 1991 up to April 2007

Farm Attacks: South African Institute of Race Relations summaries of Farm Attacks/Murders (against white farmers) from 1991 to 2006/7.

The SAIRR based its statistics on those of the government’s South African Police Service and the pro-ANC’s farmers’ cooperative, Agri-SA. It ignored all statistics and facts gathered by the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa, Solidarity trade union and the civil-rights group Afriforum, amongst many other civil societies and groups archiving attacks against agricultural communities at local level, i.a. and

Also not included are the great many annual ‘veld fires’ which are started deliberately to target white farm dwellings and properties. Lives are lost and valuable properties and livestock fodder are lost each year. Some gangs have been arrested for such ‘arson’ which is NEVER listed as a ‘farm attack’ – even though farmers are even fired at when they try to put out the wildfires.

source: SAIRR, South Africa Survey 2008-2009.

Also: the 2014 Global Peace Index ranks South Africa at 122 out of 162 countries: