Murder: Teacher Jayde Panayiotou 28 of Riebeek College Girls High School: husband Christopher and two black males arrested

May 1 2015 – SAPS and news media ignore SUB JUDICE law which does not allow the publication of arrested suspects until they have been asked to plead to charges in a court of law:
PAGE GRAB) Suspects in Port Elizabeth court on Monday 4 May 2015, claim that a murder-for-hire was committed against the PE teacher.
April 30 2015 – George Herald report: Christopher, the husband of murdered teacher Jayde Panayiotou was arrested together with two black suspects, police confirmed to the George Herald. The husband has not yet pleaded to any charges in front of a magistrate. It’s not known why the police to break the sub-judice rule against publication of the suspect’s name, which is against the South African Constitutional rights ruling human rights of arrested individuals. The murdered teacher’s body was discovered near the KwaNobuhle Township in Uitenhage a day after she was kidnapped from in front of her home. She was shot, reported the George Herald.


Update April 26 2015 — ATTACHED PAGE GRAB: police publishes two pictures of two suspected killers of Port Elizabeth teacher Jayde Panayiotou, 28.


22 April 2015: Teacher Jayde Panayiotou 28, of Riebeek College Girls High School, Uitenhage who was kidnapped a day earlier, was found murdered.
police published a photograph of one of the two (possibly 3) black males who had pinned cash from her bank account at a Nedbank cashpoint shortly after she was reported missing: she was waiting for her ride outside her house in Uitenhage and disappeared:
Body of missing teacher Jayde Panayioutou found after abduction:
NATIONAL NEWS – According to Algoa FM, the body of missing Port Elizabeth teacher, Jayde Panayioutou was found at around 10:00 this morning.
Police searched through the night after Panayioutou was abducted outside her residential complex in Deacon Road, Kabega Park at around 06:30 yesterday morning.
She had been waiting for her daily lift to Uitenhage with another Riebeeck College teacher.
The police investigation took them to Uitenhage after it was established that a withdrawal had been made from her Nedbank account at an ATM in Kwanobuhle.
A reward of R150 000 was being offered for her safe return.
A post mortem will be conducted to determine the cause of death.
Condolences to Jayde’s family and friends.
Source: Algoa FM

reported by Cara-Lee Scheun
Wednesday 22 April 2015
The police obtained photographic material of the suspected kidnapper of teacher Jayde Panayiotou – they believe they have photographs from a cashpoint
where the teacher’s kidnapper withdrew cash in KwaNobuhle from her bank-account.
Ms Panyiotou was kidnapped Tuesdaymorning from in front of her home on Deacon Road just behind Makro in Kabegapark. A woman in the street told police she saw three’suspicious men’ hang around at the same time.
Her sister Toni Inggs said Jayde waited there every morning for her ride to Uitenhage.
Shortly before 06h30 Jayde still spoke to a fellow-teacher on her cellphone yet just minutes later when the car drew up she was not there.
One of the members of the carshare-club phoned Jayde’s husband Christopher, asking him where she was and he said she must still be standing outside,
waiting. However her cellphone was turned off and no further contact could be made with her. Shortly thereafter R1,700 cash was
withdrawn from her account from a cashpoint in KwaNobuhle, said w/o Alwin Labans.
Her kidnapping spread like wildfire on social media and the alert was shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook – but by noon there still was no
sign of her and police officers investigated further at the KwaNobuhle cashpoint, a small Nedbank in crowded Matanzima Street.
The police confiscated the bank’s photographs of customers who withdrew cash and it showed the face of the man who got money from the teacher’s account.
The police searched all afternoon without any luck. However a woman from Deacon Road did tell the police that they saw
three ‘suspicious men’ in the street that morning.
By late afternoon the sister, Ms Inggs, felt very discouraged and said no new leads were found and her phone is still off.
Head mistress Marilyn Woods said Jayde’s disappearing is hartbreaking. They shared the news during the last class-period with the senior pupils.
“Most got tears in their eyes when I asked them to pray for her safe return”.
“However it was the teachers who had the greatest trouble with the news.’
She was last seen wearing a grey jacket, black trousers and black boots.
Call Ms Inns at 076 526 7174 or the Kabega SAPS at 0 041 397 6801 skakel óf vir Inggs by 076 526 7174.

Call Ms Inns at 076 526 7174 or the Kabega SAPS at 0 041 397 6801 skakel óf vir Inggs by 076 526 7174.