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Afrikaners cannot mourn bomb victims: ANC

Afrikaners not allowed to commemorate their dead and injured from ANC-bombing terror campaigns

May 21 2013 —  The ANC’s official spokesman Keith Khoza has lashed out at AfriForum’s youth wing for observing a minute of silence for civilians “killed in ANC terror attacks between 1980 and 1994” a day earlier. AfriForum Youth said the event commemorated the lives of 19 people killed, and the 217 people maimed in the 1983 Church Street bombing. Eighty percent of the ANC’s bomb victims were civilians.


ANC is rewriting South African history:

AfriForum Youth’s national president Charl Oberholzer said the ANC tried to rewrite history by portraying its leaders as heroes. “Thousands of innocent civilians, black and white, paid a terrible price during these violent attacks by the ANC. The event is not only a protest against the ANC’s biased rewriting of history in which ANC leaders are portrayed as blameless heroes, but also an opportunity to celebrate the lives of those who died in terror attacks,” Oberholzer said.

Nobel Peace Laureate Nelson Mandela’s Bombs:



Dark History of ANC often glossed over:

Oberholzer said the ANC’s dark history was often glossed over.”But the reality is that many families are still struggling to cope with the brutal way in which their families were murdered,” said Oberholzer. “More than 500 people were killed by means of necklacing since 1984, hundreds were set alight while still alive and 250 were killed in bomb or landmine attacks by the ANC. Even though the ANC did sign the Geneva Convention in 1980 and undertook not to target ordinary civilian South Africans, eighty percent of all its terror attacks targeted innocent civilians,” he added.

‘ANC had to rewrite South African history’ – spokesman:

ANC spokesman Keith Khoza, said AfriForum’s views were “unfortunate”, and said “the ANC was not aware of the event: . He said it was necessary for the ANC to rewrite it’s history to some extent, because it had been distorted during apartheid. But, he said, history had to be factual and based in reality. Khoza added the party encouraged people – “even white people” – to start documenting their own history, whether it occurred pre- or post-1994. He said AfriForum’s decision to call the ANC “terrorists” was unfortunate, and said the organisation was constantly wanting to “go back to the past”.




Afriforum Youths Commemorate Victims of Bomb Attacks:


Necklacing video ANC method of killing enemies by torching them to death with petrol filled tyres

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