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Murder: Afrikaner veterinarian Dr Rensia de Wet, 46: White River, found raped and stabbed to death, no mention of robbery

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Murder: Afrikaner veterinarian Dr Rensia de Wet 46, raped and stabbed to death: Nottinghill Equestrian Centre, Witrivier, South Africa
10 Dec 2014: Dr de Wet worked for the Nottinghill Equestrian Centre outside Witrivier. It is suspected that she was murdered on Tuesday-afternoon, reports Adele du Toit
The police did not make any mention of a motive and did not mention that anything may have been stolen. They are only investigating murder, not armed robbery.


By Adele du Toit Woensdag 10 Desember 2014 9:26 vm.
‘n 46-jarige vrou is Dinsdag laatmiddag dood aangetref in haar huis in Mpumalanga waar sy vermoedelik verkrag en met ‘n mes gesteek is.
Brig. Selvy Mohlala, provinsiale polisiewoordvoerder, sê Rensia de Wet, ‘n veearts van die Nottinghill Equestrian Centre buite Witrivier, is Dinsdagmiddag vermoor.
“Die bure het omstreeks 16:30 op haar afgekom.
“Sy was in haar slaapkamer en was halfnaak. Sy is verkrag en is telkemale in die nek en die bors gesteek,” sê Mohlala.
‘n Moorddossier is geopen en Mohlala sê die polisie is besig met ‘n ondersoek.


local sources believe that her murder may be related to a powerful, international rhino-slaughter syndicate which operates in this entire region.

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Six hatemurders: six young black males found tied up, executed, faces and skulls crushed with concrete blocks: next to Joostenbergvlakte farm

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Six young black males found killed execution-style: tied up, faces and skulls crushed with concrete blocks making them unrecognisable – Joostenbergvlakte, Kraaifontein, South Africa

10 december 2014 Passers-by have found the bodies of six men between the ages of 18 to 30 by the side of the road in Joostenbergvlakte in Kraaifontein.

Informed sources said that the men’s faces and skulls were crushed with concrete-blocks, making them unrecognisable.

Their hands had been tied behind their backs and they had been murdered ‘execution style’.

An official SA POLICE SERVICE statement said: “Earlier today, passers-by discovered the bodies of six unidentified men near a farm in Joostenberg Vlakte, Kraaifontein. They alerted the police who initiated an investigation. Six murder cases were opened for investigation.”

Kraaifontein with about 154,615 residents (14.5% white, 40.2% coloured, 43.3%b black) of whom 45.5% are Afrikaans-speaking and 33.4% Xhosa-speaking, is located in Cape Town’s northern suburbs also coloqually referred to as the Tygerberg region.

It flanks the N1 Highway towards Paarl and Worcester.

Since 2004 up to April 2014 there have been a total of 1,124 murders + 23 culpible homicides TOTALING 1,157 violent deaths in this policing district.

The Kraaifontein region is described by sociologists as a lower-middle class groups of suburbs. It is located in a region which has frequent flooding.

It has a population of about 155,000 people, (14.4 percent whites, 40.2% coloureds, 43.3% black-African). A total of 45.4 percent in Kraaifontein are Afrikaans-speaking whites and coloureds, and 33.4% are Xhosas).

This year up to April 2014, there have been 131 violent deaths in this region.
This year up to April 2014 there also were (29 culpible homicides + 112 murders) a total of 131 violent deaths;

There also were 138 attempted murders; 500 grievous assaults; 2,518 drug-related unspecified crimes;

Kraaifontein official crime stats: http://www.crimestatssa.com/precinct.php?id=1007

Police are appealing to members of the public who may have information about the circumstances of the killings to contact the investigating officer
Detective Warrant Officer van der Heever on 021 980 5558, alternatively Crime Stop on 08600 10111.



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Kleinfontein farming project received 80 of the 300 evicted Afrikaner squatters from Krugersdorp on 10 Dec 2014 – plea for aid

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Poor ‪Afrikaner‬ whites are increasingly evicted from their ‘informal settlement’ sites by the ANC-regime’s black-racist officials and forced into becoming internal refugees, roaming through the countryside, trying to find a place to put their heads:
Efforts are afoot to rehouse them, amongst others by the Boervrouliga, a non-profit aid-group founded by the Afrikaner entertainer/activist Sunette Bridges.

11 November 2014 – The Afrikaner Journal wrote:
‪Kleinvallei‬ agricultural community to receive evicted ‪#‎Afrikaner‬ squatters today:
According to the spokeswomanof the mon-profit aid group the Boervrouliga, their new Kleinvallei project will receive 80 of the 300+ evicted white people from the ‪#Kroningspark‬ squatter camp in Krugersdorp, who will move into temperary housing on Kleinvallei today.
The ‪ANC‬ town council has already attached eviction notices yesterday, to inform the members of this community that they must evacuate the council property. Those who refuse will be removed.
It looks like most members affected by this callous action of the council has either accepted the council’s reallocation-offer at the Munzieville rubbish dump-site, or will be accomodated by the Boer Vrou Liga at Kleinvallei.
The organizers of the BVL are however also desperately in need of funding to help with the erection of permanent dwellings for this “unemployable” workforce. Afrikaner whites are unemployable because of the anti-white hiring laws such as Affirmative Action and the Black Economic Empowerment Act.
Let’s help eradicate this ANC-scourge, one project at a time. You’ll find donation details for the Boervrouliga here:


FNB Current Account: 62379723995
Tak: Woodlands
EFT Code: 250655 (of Woodlands Boulevard – 230732)
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Ref: Kleinvallei
…or via PayPal or Mobipaid. The links are on our webpage…



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