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Stroebel Magda court case ANC Wendy Houses


Afrikaner voters walked away enmasse from the ‘traditional white party’ – the Freedom Front Plus, due to leader Pieter Mulder’s decision to serve on the ANC-cabinet as deputy-agri-minister; but also by the secretive Broederbond-machinations of ex president FW de Klerk

By Adriana Stuijt – In what can be seen as a major coup for the behind-the-scenes Broederbond-style interference by former SA president F W Klerk, the Freedom Front Plus party – which always drew its support from white Afrikaners voters – was left in disarray after its voter-support shrank to less than one percent of the entire electorate in the local-government elections this month.

So in miffed revenge, the FF+ ‘s Gauteng leadership turned on the weakest members of its electorate: immediately withdrawing their financial support to 5,000 desperate Afrikaner squatters who are facing homelessness due to a long-protracted court battle…

The Afrikaners’ only ‘white party’ dropped from its original 79 seats in 2006 to its present 15 seats – less than the African Christian Democratic Party’s 17 seats, the United Democratic Movement’s 25 seats and the Pan Africanist Congress’ seventeen seats. With 37 seats also won by independent candidates, the Freedom Front Plus was given a knock-out blow at the local-election polls.

And this was entirely due to the fact that the best-organised and most activist group of Afrikaners in the Solidarity trade union and its civil-rights movement Afriforum openly withdrew their support from the Freedom Front in favour of the Democratic Alliance – after receiving a huge dollop of ‘official support’ from the F W de Klerk Foundation.

Solidariteit AfriNetwerk Oprichtings FW

Solidarity, Afriforum and De Klerk together recently founded the AfriNetwerk, (right) with an office in Brussels run by Dutch/South African journalist Ingrid Scholtz and her journalist-husband Leopold Scholtz – and in cooperation with the artisan-training scheme Sol-Tech. Afrinetwerk was officially set up to advance the Afrikaans language andall the people who speak it…

Even the Afrikaner squatters in their wendy houses in Pretoria voted for the DA… and now are being punished for it…

So what really happened?

Praag writes that the FF+ was dealt this death-blow mainly by Solidarity trade union and Afriforum’s withdrawal of their previous support. However the Freedom Front leader also was punished for his decision to join the ANC-cabinet as its deputy-agriculture minister. His people were very angry about that: they saw it as Mulder joining the enemy-camp.


In fact, even the desperately poor 5,000 Afrikaner squatters living in their wendy-houses on the Daspoort Estate near Pretoria voted for the Democratic Alliance – despite the fact that the FF+ was actually paying their legal bills in a notorious court battle to have them evicted…

Stroebel Magda delivering donated food

This Afrikaner squatter camp, located at Nr 929 Keyser Street, is on a smallholding run by the formidable Mrs Magda Stroebel’s charity Angels at Work in the Pretoria Moot region. The Freedom Front Plus had been paying for this squatter’ community’s ongoing legal battle with the Pretoria city council since 2009 — to try and stop the local ANC-municipality from demolishing their wendy-houses and dumping these destitute Afrikaners – amongst them are 2,000 children and several dozen frail elderly – out into the the street.

Freedom Front withdraws financial support to 5,000 Afrikaner squatters

Stroebel Magda Pretoria MOOT

The Freedom Front became so miffed that they withdrew their financial support to Mrs Stroebel’s court case (above) just twee weeks before she was due to go to court on June 7, with regional FF+ leader Philip van Staden writing to the charity that he’d been asked by Advocate Anton Alberts, its MP for Gauteng, to withdraw their financial support to the charity.

“You are staring prosecution in the face in the absence of our help’…

“We withdraw our financial support due to the fact that the residents of the wendy houses voted in great numbers on Wednesday 18 May 2011 for the Democratic Alliance in the municipal election. We also received calls at our head-office from those residents that they voted for the DA. These residents stated very clearly that they did not want the help of the Freedom Front Plus and thus we now recommend that the residents should seek help from the DA instead’. He also added rather ominously: “We must also advise you to move the residents elsewhere because you are staring prosecution in the face in the absence of our help’. However, he also wrote that ‘we will continue to fight for this case inside the city council’.

  • On Friday, Mr Van Staden reportedly contacted Mrs Stroebel and said he would try to raise funds on his own to help pay for the legal costs of the case.


Mrs Stroebel however now is clearly desperate: she faces having to pay R3,000 in legal bills up front to the lawyer handling the case, Roelof van der Merwe, before the next court date on June 7. The total costs may be as high as R7,000. If anyone would be willing to provide financial sponsorship for this forthcoming court date, Magda Stroebel’s lawyer Roelof Van der Merwe can be reached at:
tel. 012-567-3373
Angels at Work: www.aprime.co.za/Angelsatwork.html

Stroebel Magda court case ANC Wendy Houses

PRAAG noted that Dr. Pieter Mulder ‘s participation in the ANC-ruled cabinet as its deputy minister of agriculture has undoubtedly led to this brutal punishment at the polls by his Afrikaner electorate: the deputy-minister was clearly unable to use this platform inside the cabinet to adequately address the approaching land-confiscation programme by the ANC-government, writes PRAAG.

“Mulder also chose not to use this platform inside the ANC-cabinet to conduct ethnic-politics – and his statements in public ‘already were overshadowed by the Democratic Alliance, as were those of Solidarity and Afriforum’.

Those latter two powerful Afrikaner-organisations, Solidaritity and Afriforum, actually forbade their officials and employees from holding membership in the FF+ in the runup to the local-government elections. Instead, Solidarity and Afriforum – with the active support of the FW de Klerk foundation – actively threw its support behind the Democratic Alliance.

Dan Roodt of PRAAG, who stood as a Freedom Front Plus candidate, also pointed out that the Freedom Front Plus wasn’t really convincing about conveying its own stated policy of wanting an independent Afrikaner homeland: that it was downplayng this policy ‘in favour of shortterm political gain’. Yet the Freedom Front Plus also holds membership in the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples’ Organisation (UNPO) in The Hague since 2008 in order to fight for Afrikaner independence.

The Afrikaans mainstream news media is stigmatising and demonising any Afrikaner dreams of an autonomic homeland…

The FF+ were not clear nor firm enough about this policy in their message to their own electorate, writes PRAAG, noting: “Afrikaner independence is an unpopular message amongst the voters who are being stigmatised and demonised by the Afrikaans main-stream news media,’ PRAAG pointed out and “the Afrikaans-language mainstream news media instead has chosen to ‘advance South Africanism and a unity state.’

Mulder told Media24 after the results that the Freedomfronters ‘voted strategically’ and that he ‘had no reply against the Democratic Alliance’s propaganda-message. “The DA took away a lot of our support.” He emphasised however that ‘small parties still have the right to exist because they look after the specific needs of minorities.” It’s not known whether the FF now will resign its UNPO membership.

Its current plans and direction are unknown: there was huge shock and disbelief amongst its supporters about the election results, and the party has been thrown into disarray, noted PRAAG, commenting: ‘although it must have been obvious to its management that they did not have a chance against the DA due to its support by Afriforum and Solidarity..’. PRAAG also made a point of noting that Afriforum and Solidarity ‘also had the support of the FW De Klerk foundation.’

It’s important to point out that it was F W de Klerk who has brought the Afrikaner into its present, desperate plight when he handed over hegemony of the most successful Western-style country on the African continent to an incompetent, highly criminal terrorist organisation on a silver platter.


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