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Meer drolle as drinkwater in Springs

Raw sewage befouls Blesbokspruit, Strubenville, Springs –…

A staggering stench envelops Strubenvale and surroundings. Natural science expert Matthew Havinga and Springs businessman Bert Pretorius want to tackle the problem, writes journalist Ernest Wolmarans. These sewage problems do not stand alone: by 2010, only three percent of all the SA ‘s once so efficient, sparkling-clean municipal sewage plants were still operational, noted Farmers Weekly.



Plans for calcium-hypo-chlorite use slammed by Hanenga

Accompanying Bert Pretorius, owner of a hospitality establishment, and Matthew Havinga, a professional natural scientist with an honours degree in microbiology to the Ancor Works Sewage Treatment Plant yielded interesting results, noted Wolmarans. “The two men showed this newspaper how ‘semi-clean’ sewage water is being discharged into the surrounding environment. “ The municipal workers have ‘issues with the pumps and filters’ forcing them to discharge into the environment: the remaining equipment cannot cope with the overload,” explained Havinga, a resident on the waterfront of the Blesbokspruit. This crucial fresh-water stream has become seriously befouled by the sewage discharge.

“Imagine what it’s like to wake up with the strong smell of sewage in your nostrils every morning,” continues Havinga in frustration. “Something must be done and it must be done quickly,” he adds. Pretorius agrees: the Blesbokspruit runs past his establishment, the name of which he asked be withheld for fear of affecting his business further. “I have big clients, having used my facilities for years, that are now thinking twice before making their next reservation – all because of this smell,” he explains.

Two daily cans of sanitiser sprayed in each hotel room just to keep the stench away

He adds that staff are forced to use up to two cans of air sanitiser a day per room to help control the smell that has gripped the establishment for more than a month.Wanda Hending, spokeswoman for the state-owned East Rand Water ‘company’ which runs this plant, confirmed the ‘technical difficulties:’ “We now are taking emergency measures to replaceand repair faulty bio-filters – the absence of which creates an overflow that the remaining equipment cannot handle. The discharged water is not raw sewage as it has been subjected to the first phase of the process,” explains Henning. “The authorities (Dept Water Affairs) visited the plant last Tuesday and gave the go-ahead to treat the overflowing water with calcium hypo-chlorite, which, she says, ‘will not affect plant or animal life in the sensitive ecological systems of the Ramsar-protected Blesbokspruit, while diminishing the resultant smell.” A worker at the plant also confirmed that ‘three of the plant’s bio-filters malfunctioned in quick succession.’ Once the new, custom-built filter, expected to be installed by Friday, is installed ‘there will no longer be a need for the overflow and all water will go through the regular treatment process,” he said. The worker admitted that the water being discharged – into the Blesbokspruit – ‘was not 100 percent clean.’ He also believed that the newly added calcium hypo-chlorite now finding its way into overflow water from the plant, would help to reduce excess bacteria.

Havenga: Is calcium hypo-chlorite really good for the environment?

However – natural-scientist Mr Havinga slammed the management of Erwat after hearing of these plans. He challenged their use of calcium hypo-chlorite: “If calcium hypo-chlorite is indeed good for the environment, why is government not treating all the sewage water with it on a constant basis? I believe that this whole thing boils down to a lack of vision and management of maintenance, funding and back-up equipment. I’d love to see Erwat’s operating permit so that I can point out all the areas where they aren’t delivering,” he said.

Calcium clogs up filters: so calcium hypochlorite should also contain anti-scaling agents

Calcium hypochlorite is not very easily solluble in water, but is nevertheless used for the disinfection of drinking water – but mainly swimming pool water. The calcium tends to clog up filters so products have to contain descaling agents. It is mainly used as a sanitizer in outdoor swimming pools in combination with a cyanuric acid stabilizer, which reduces the rapid evaporation of chlorine from ultraviolet radiation. Calcium hypochlorite is an ingredient in bleaching powder, used for bleaching cotton and linen. It is also used in bathroom cleaners, household disinfectant sprays, moss and algae removers, and weedkillers. Note: ‘It is also used to make chloroform, used to anaesthise patients during surgery. Calcium hypochlorite can be very dangerous: it must be stored in a cool dry place and well away from any organic material: it is known to undergo self-heating and rapid decomposition and this releases very toxic chlorine gas…

Water Pollution South African River Systems

Water Pollution South African River Systems

Only 3 percent of SA sewage works still operational by 2010

(Chris Burgess: Friday, 19 February 2010 in Farmer’s Weekly)

“The startling revelation that only 3% of the country’s sewage works are operational, makes it only onto page 10 of an Afrikaans daily newspaper, while the English press never get around to actually covering it.

  • In the North West, as exasperated farmers in Swartruggens and Sannieshof can attest to, there are apparently no fully functional sewage works.
  • In the Free State, 99% don’t work.
This befouling of the fresh-water resources should be a national crisis

In a country as critically water stressed as South Africa, this should amount to nothing less than a national crisis. There should be a flurry of ministerial activity, as departmental heads roll, and anxious engineers are shuttled to and fro across the country, as they frantically try to stem the rising tide of preventable pollution. Instead, the department of water affairs’ official response is that they have, indeed, “commissioned a report on the state of sewage works, but are still putting the finishing touches to it.”

Polluted water kills hundreds of babies in small-town municipalities

“Meanwhile, livestock carcasses, infected with tapeworm, are turned away at abattoirs after animals drink water with faecal counts way off the charts, polluted water kills hundreds of babies in small-town municipalities, and irrigation farmers wait nervously for their export markets to slam unceremoniously shut.

The bottom line is that no one of consequence seems to be particularly interested in the art of moving turds from point A to point B in such a way that they don’t end up where they don’t belong, like in a river. An essential engineering pursuit first perfected by the Romans thousands of years ago, but not deemed important here in South Africa, as we pursue some very dubious other priorities.

Like replacing the some 7,374 police firearms that have gone missing over the past three years. Arms that almost certainly all end up in the hands of criminals, who definitely don’t take them out to the shooting range. Instead, they end up being thrust into your face as your house gets ransacked. After all, have you ever heard of burglars using hunting rifles? So amazingly, a fair whack of violent crime could simply be avoided if police would just hang on to their weapons…

ANC plans to take away all the weapons from the citizens

The official response? The minister of police, without the slightest hint of irony, announces that he would like, eventually, to see no-one in the country armed, except the police… Meanwhile, nothing is ever said about how this haemorrhaging of police weapons will be stopped, or what action will be taken against police officers who lose their weapons.

Instead, private citizens, punch-drunk by the criminal onslaught, are threatened with lengthy jail sentences if the new firearm legislation isn’t followed to the letter…. This is a summary, the entire article is on Farmer’s Weekly.

Calcium clogs up some filters: so calcium hypochlorite should also contain anti-scaling agents

Calcium hypochlorite is not easily solluble in water, but is nevertheless used for the disinfection of drinking water or swimming pool water. It is mainly used as a sanitizer in outdoor swimming pools in combination with a cyanuric acid stabilizer, which reduces the loss of chlorine due to ultraviolet radiation. The calcium content hardens the water and tends to clog up some filters; hence, some products containing calcium hypochlorite also contain anti-scaling agents. Calcium hypochlorite is also an ingredient in bleaching powder, used for bleaching cotton and linen. It is also used in bathroom cleaners, household disinfectant sprays, moss and algae removers, and weedkillers. It is also used to make chloroform. Calcium hypochlorite is best kept in a cool dry place away from any organic material. It is known to undergo self heating and rapid decomposition accompanied by the release of toxic chlorine gas –

Black racists teach township children the Execution Game targetting whites for genocide

Medical reasons for black SA men being so violent

Even doctors aren’t safe from very dangerous patients in SA

On June 7 2011,  Zulu doctor Ntobeko Mkhize, 26, was stabbed to death by an outpatient at the Middelburg public hospital while the medical practitioner was trying to help the ailing man…  

Odendaal Janet car guard shows how she was murdered KemptonPark police station

87 armed-violence deaths for every 100,000 black South African men – the world’s highest in 2008…

Why do black SA men seem so much more violent in ordinary, every-day situations? Based on the proportionally high number of black males in prisons worldwide, including in countries where the black-Africans represent a minority, there have been numerous studies undertaken in prisons to investigate whether this could be due to higher testosterone levels in black males: as clinical studies have proven that this does increase male aggression.  Due to the political sensitivities involved and the never-ending  ‘nurture-versus-nature’ debate, there probably never will be a definitive scientific study to determine the exact reasons for the recorded higher aggression levels amongst black males.

However in South Africa, there must be an additional factor involved in addition to the recorded higher testosterone levels of black males.A secret parliamentary report tabled in South Africa raised the issue after publishing the National Injury Mortality Surveillance System records  on November 10 2010 by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation.

Criminal careers are seen as good career move for young black males:

The report, tabled in parliament but still being  kept secret, said ‘the core of the problem of violent crime in South Africa is a subculture of violence and criminality characterised prominently by young men who are invested in a criminal identity and engaged in ‘criminal careers’ which involve active criminal lifestyles. These lifestyles also ‘incorporate multiple forms of violent crimes making common use of weapons – firearms, knives and other sharp-force instruments’.
  • This gives the current epidemic of violent crime in SA its most malevolent edge ‘ , the report warned.

It was partially published by Patrick Maynard, an opposition MP of the Democratic Alliance, who warned that it was far too important to keep secret.


Excessive violence and extreme cruelty towards their victims – who are often tortured for hours — is a hallmark of crimes carried out by black South African men.

Black racists teach township children the Execution Game targetting whites for genocide

Black racists teach township children the Execution Game targetting whites for genocide

The vast majority of the murders and culpible homicides in South Africa are carried out by black males – from an early age.  Many young black males start training for a career of violence very early: as this photograph of a school-outing at the Durban marina in 2008 by local photographer Snowy Smith can attest to. He said there were hundreds of these pupils practicing the ‘execution game’ with their teachers. When they saw the white photographer, they turned towards him, shouting bang and pretended to fire their very realistic-looking toy guns.

Afrikaans Primary Schools Threatened By war-slogan shouting Black Demonstrators

Afrikaans Primary Schools Threatened By war-slogan shouting Black Demonstrators

Even the most ‘peaceful’ demonstrations held by black South Africans are more often than not, saturated with excessively violent language and very aggressive behaviour, such as the attack by a large crowd of black teachers during a strike last year, when an Afrikaans primary-school was invaded, terrifying the kids, by large groups of blacks shouting hate-slogans and carrying placards such as ‘Feel it, It’s War…

In April, the country was briefly shocked by the extraordinarily-cruel execution-style murder of Janet Odendaal, an Afrikaner woman who had pulled up to the Kempton Park police station, intending to lodge a complaint. While she was outside making a phone call inside her car, black police sergeant Phineas Kgoale allegedly walked out of the police station, pulled out his gun and shot  Janet Odendaal dead thr ough her rolled-up car window.

At his unsuccesful bail-application last month, it was revealed that accused SAPF sergeant Mnape Phineas Kgoale has a long history of mental illness and alcohol-addiction…and that although he was under considerable stress with these mental-health problems, he was still working as an on-duty police officer that day – still packing a gun….

Kempton Park journalist Gerhardt Theron wrote that the  bail application of Sgt Mnape Phineas Kgoale (38), who was is under police arrest, charged with the execution-style murder of Janet Odendaal, was fortunately was denied bail in Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court until his next hearing on June 23.

It was revealed during the application that the terrified Ms Odendaal (45) was sitting inside her car, calling the police emergency number 10111, just moments before Kghoale allegedly came walking out and shot her dead. It was witnessed by a car-park attendant. It appears that only a few weeks earlier from March 26 to April 2, Kgoale had booked himself into the Elim Clinic for alcohol addiction. Earlier in the year he was also treated for a further unspecified mental illness. The Kempton Park police have meanwhile done everything they could to prevent the news media from photographing their accused colleague going into the dock – sending photographers on wild goose-chases from courtroom to courtroom.

Top psychiatrist’s warning of increasingly psychotic behaviour of black South African men

Why is a 38-year-old black South African police sergeant suffering such extensive violence-related mental health problems? Indeed: why are black South African men so violent?

A top UNISA psychiatrist’s warning at the Saldanha military academy in September 2008 about the increasingly psychotic behaviour of black South African men who often are infected with AIDS combined with Tuberculosis – the combo-pandemic often referred to as ‘Turbo-Aids’, has gone completely unheeded by the ANC-regime.One of country’s top psychiatrists, UNISA professor Matshepo Matoane , already started warning from early 2008 that Turbo/Aids was creating a “highly dangerous psychosis among infected SA military men; that it was creating ‘devastating psychological effects among such infected patients: ‘they are often plunged into an exceedingly self-destructive, vengeful, dangerous-mindset”, she warned. She was speaking of the effects of this dangerous mind-set on soldiers who have access to very dangerous military hardware – however her warnings apply equally to anyone who has access to dangerous weaponry, including of course police officers.

Matoane warned that infected men with access to ‘lethal, sophisticated arms and hardware formed a deadly threat to the security of the State.

By September 2008, when Prof Matoane issued her warnings at the Saldanha military academy, a full 22,000 of the 55,000 SA military people (40%) were already tested and diagnosed with AIDS+TB co-infections.

AIDS-infected recruits for military and police not allowed to be rejected for health reasons – by law – in South Africa.

She warned in her lecture at the military academy in Saldanha, she had personally found in her hands-on work in the field, that most of the AIDS-infected military men turn “increasingly mean, mutinous, dangerous and self-destructive.

  • “They start staying away from their jobs, refuse to obey commands, and form a threat to all forms of authority.”

The top-secret government report warned that the chaotic conditions in the country’s military were causing a ‘threat to state security’.  However the government still refuses to publish all the details. Some were however read into the parliamentary record by Democratic Alliance MP David Maynier – who accused “Defence and military Veterans” Minister Lindiwe Sisulu of having ‘misled’ both parliament and the country by witholding her reports.

Maynier, who serves on Parliament’s defence portfolio committee, said he would not allow the reports’ contents to remain hidden.

Many thousands of  young, black South African men are falling victim to the lethal combination of AIDS and the co-infection with drug-resistant Tuberculosis – referred to in South Africa as Turbo-AIDS.  A joint testing programme carried out with the SA military and the US authorities called Operation Phidisa, showed in 2007 that infection levels among young black male military men stood at 40% in 2007 – 22,000 soldiers.

  • Special manuals were drawn up in the USA and SA on the way to identify and deal with AIDS-infected military people. The SA military then started refusing any recruits who tested HIV-positive because of their medical conditions. However in May 2008, the SA Constitutional court ordered the SA military to no longer refuse any HIV+ recruits because it was ‘unconstitutional’. The defence force lawyers’ arguments that these ill soldiers were unable to carry out their duties and were “dangerous around military hardware” fell on deaf ears at the country’s highest law court. And exactly the same laws also apply to recruits in the South African Police Force.

Extremely violent Turbo-Aids patients are a fact of life for hospital staffers

Prof Matoane’s warnings can also be widely collaborated by hospital staffers treating patients – in SA they are often coinfected with TB and Aids.

  • For instance at the  Jose Pearson TB Hospital in Port Elizabeth, three fences topped with coils of razor wire were built to keep patients infected with AIDS/XDR-TB from escaping, yet the SA authorities deny that TB is being spread through airborne contact. Especially  around Christmas times and again around Easter, dozens of patients cut holes in the fences, slipped through electrified wires or pushed through the gates to spend the holidays with their families: Patients , often very aggressive and defiant, would be tracked down and forced to return.

Local public health experts warned in 2008 that overcrowding and poorly ventilated hospitals “were a driving force in spreading the disease in South Africa”. However by 2010, the public health officials claimed that ‘more research was needed as the exact causes for the rapid spread of the disease have never been determined…’

In 2008 the SA government decided that ‘the public would be safer if patients were treated at home, with regular monitoring by health workers and contagion-control measures for the family.”

  • That year at a Durban seminar, health-workers launched diatribes of anger about the high levels of aggression from their patients – and that especially the XDR-TB patients ‘often tried to infect workers by deliberately coughing all over them…”. In other words – the authorities know very well that this deadly epidemic is spread by human contact – yet are disregarding all the health warnings. Moreover, they have made laws which prohibit employers from barring such infected, often violent workers from the workplace anywhere in South Africa.


‘ White males carried a heavy burden of military duty between 17 and 55 years of age ‘

White SADF soldiers not war vets: ANC

June 5 2011. Intense anger has erupted amongst the many tens of thousands of white, pre-1994 SADF veterans who fought from the age of 17 to 55 years in the fierce South African border wars  against armed, communist infiltration.

The  communist ANC-regime now refuses to qualify white ex-soldiers as  ‘’ war veterans’.  They will get no benefits, no access to badly needed free health care….

The veterans are planning to ask Afriforum to sue the communist-ANC regime in the Constitutional Court about the issue. (to join the class-action law-suit write to: )

The overwhelming majority of white South African males were required to serve in the Defence Force from the age of 17 to 55 years before 1994: the first two years were intensive military training, thereafter they had to serve another six years (720 days) in the Standing  force.

The majority of these men today remain inordinately proud of their military skills and successes: they did their duty  which was to defend their country and all its people from armed invasion and – aggression. Many of these  soldiers also know that they were winning the border-wars: but are bitter about the fact that the National-Party politicians had sold out this finely-honed fighting force in a political cop-out  and handed them over – unarmed – to their enemies:


Long years of military service

Many of these many tens of thousands of white male draftees today are traumatised and permanently disabled from their long years of  military service – their veterans-association has a list of 7,500 totally destitute , physically-disabled white war-vets who need help now.

Yet these white men will not be eligible for any benefits under the new Military Veterans Act, says ANC-deputy-minister Thabang Makwetla – who confirmed his black-racist approach by adding that the white soldiers ‘were not disadvantaged by doing military service and are not entitled to state-benefits…’

Afrikaans journalist Pieter du Toit recorded his comment in ‘Die Burger’  newspaper, quoting Makwetla ‘s comments to the defence portfolio committee in parliament.  His spokesman Ntime Skhosana, asked for further clarification,  also showed the present regime’s black-racist prejudicial views when he said: “remember that (white) military draftees only had to serve two years and then were discharged to go back to their universities or get jobs…they were never disadvantaged by military service…’   He implied that they  had it easy.

However the veterans’ official representative, ret. Lt-Gen Godfrey Giles, who chairs their veterans’ organisation, reportedly was  ‘shattered’ by the decision to exclude white males from the benefits system under the new Military Veterans Act.  He also is the deputy chair for the umbrella body, the SA Military veterans’ association.

He said his organisation has a database of 7,500 destitute, white military veterans who are in urgent need of medical and financial help  – right now.  The ANC-regime’s proposed new Military Veterans’ Act would provide a wide range of help to the communist-regime’s own war-vets: the blacks who fought for Umkhonto we Sizwe and the Azanian Peoples’ Liberation Army. This help would include health care and pension benefits – black South Africans already receive a wide range of such benefit at the moment, while whites are excluded.

Yet Makwetla now claims that these white veterans – who were drafted into military service – would also be excluded from these benefit-packages.  Giles slammed Makwetla’s claim as ‘absolute rubbish and noted: “the subject was not even mentioned in the consulation process and shows a very weak knowledge of the genuine needs of these ex-soldiers, many of whom fought hard in defence of their country in the South African border-wars.  The needs of these white war-vets is indeed very great: many now sleep at bus-stops and live in squatter-camps’.

The handful of white South African males indeed carried a very heavy burden of military duty before 1994: they received their first callups at the age of 17 for basic training camps which lasted two years. And for a full six years thereafter, white males also had to serve a total 720 days in the Standing forces. From the age of 17 to 55, white males were obligated to do military duty of some kind:  most white males spent most of their weekends away on military- or commando-duties.

Once they reached the age of 55, many also continued this duty to their country by unpaid volunteer service in the Active Civilian Militias and in the local military  commando units. Nevertheless, these soldiers had it easy and were never ‘disadvantaged by military service’, said Makwetla: and confirmed that their latest anti-white law is being drawn up with the understanding that  ‘none of the pre-1994 military draftees ‘were considered to be members of the Active defence force and would therefore excluded from the legal definition of ‘military veterans’. They were ‘still taking further legal advice on the matter,’ he claimed.

‘ White males carried a heavy burden of military duty between 17 and 55 years of age ‘

‘ White males carried a heavy burden of military duty between 17 and 55 years of age ‘

The pre-1994 South African Defence Force:

At the age of 17, they were called up for two-year military training – and for twelve years thereafter, they were obligated to serve another 720 days in the Standing SA Defence Force of that time. After this active military-service, all white South African males had the option of serving another five years in the Active Civilian Force. They still were also called up for 12 days active duty in the Commando units which protected their own regions. The official government viewpoint noted that ‘the SA Defence Force is a civilian militia .’  White males were obligated to do military duty; non-whites volunteered: such as the Afrikaans-speaking Khoi-San volunteer soldiers of the Cape Corps, an infantry batallion – who excelled in their military actions in Namibia and in the SA Navy.  The first volunteer unit for black soldiers, 21st bn, was launched in 1974 at Lenz near Johannesburg.  The SA Defence Force also served as Allied soldiers during the two World Wars and in the Korean war. South Africa also created Armscorps, its own military-industrial complex to help pay for its defence budget, which by 1987 had soared to R5,000-m – 13.7% of its total expenditure.

(source: ‘This is South Africa’, ISBN 0-7970-0654-0, Jan 1987 Perskor, for Dept of Information)