Somali shopkeeper kicked, stoned to death, Booysens Park, Port Elizabeth VIDEO

PORT ELIZABETH – Cellphone footage of a Somali man being stoned to death, showed that a school boy may have struck the killer blow.
An anonymous bystander in Booysens Park filmed the savage attack on Somali shopkeeper Ahmed Abdi.
Abdi was chased down by local residents who have been attacking Somalis and looting their shops since Wednesday.
The footage shows Abdi lying naked on the road and appearing to have already suffered a beating.
A man in a light-blue shirt picks up a cement block and throws it on Abdi while a crowd cheers in the background.
From the side a boy in school uniform — probably between the ages of 10 and 12 — runs and jumps on Abdi.
Another boy — presumed older than the first boy — hurls a rock at Abdi’s genitals.
The two then stamp on the weak man who tries in vain to protect his head, which is kicked at least 20 times.
Abdi is hardly moving by this stage.
The final blow came when the young boy in the blue jersey picked up a rock from the victim’s chest and smashed it onto his head.
It is unclear whether he died during this attack or soon after.
Port Elizabeth – A Somali shopkeeper has been killed and another has been wounded, during violent clashes with local residents in Booysens Park, Port Elizabeth.
It’s believed the Somali national who died was stoned to death, while the other was stabbed, when residents of Booysens Park clashed with members of the Somali community, this morning.
This morning, both sides were throwing petrol bombs and stones at each other.
Today’s violence is an escalation of yesterday’s widespread looting in which more than 15 shops owned by Somalis were trashed by locals.
The uprising is apparently a demonstration against police, whom locals say, are protecting gangsters.
Residents said they have been trying to drive a gang out of the area. It’s believed that when they couldn’t get to the gang, they turned on the Somalis.
Police have arrests about 10 people for public violence.
SAPS spokesman Captain Stanley Jarvis said: “It (yesterday’s violence) started at 11am. They (the community) started looting spaza shops owned by foreign nationals.”
“Individuals were behind the Cleary Park shopping centre burning tyres, putting obstructions in the road and throwing stones at passing vehicles,” he said.
Jarvis said the crowd became “very aggressive” and police had to use rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse them.
Police were also called to Timothy Valley, where residents looted shops and barricaded roads with burning tyres.
“Sporadic incidents happened where they tried to loot certain shops… public order policing were patrolling the neighbourhood… and they assisted the Somali businessmen to unpack their goods and escort them out of Timothy Valley to a safer venue,” said Jarvis.
Jarvis said Wednesday’s incidents were a spillover from Greenfields and Vastrap, where police arrested three community leaders at 3am on Tuesday for the murder of two men accused of robbing a spaza shop.
After the arrests, the community started blockading roads with rocks, poles, bushes and bricks, and burning tyres, said Jarvis.
At 7.45am, the Bethelsdorp station commander addressed the crowd, but they were not happy with his advice, and his reasons for the arrests.
Jarvis said the residents started burning tyres again and throwing rocks at passing vehicles.
At 8.45pm, the police had to use rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse the crowd. Twelve people were arrested.
Jarvis said the 12, five minors and seven adults, appeared in court on Wednesday. They were released on a warning.
Police were still patrolling all the affected areas on Wednesday night.
“[We are ensuring] that either property or possessions of the Somali shopkeepers are not being stolen or damaged,” he said.
“We as the SA Police Service will not tolerate this type of behaviour, where a small amount of people cause anarchy in a community that is peaceful and deserves the right to be safe and secure.”
There has been recent spate of violence, mostly targeted at foreign-owned shops.
13:30: This article has been updated with the death of a Somali national in the area.
13:39: This article has been updated with another Somali national being wounded.
-Additional reporting Sapa

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