Muslim roofer Mogamat Armien Salie admits cutting throat of Afrikaner mom Anzunette du Plessis 33 in anger

Muslim roofer Mogamat Armien Salie admits cutting throat of Afrikaner mom Anzunette du Plessis, 33, Claremont – in May 23 2013 trial at West Cape High Court he dramatically begs forgiveness from her family – (but in same testimony also blames the victim for ‘fighting back when he stole a camera from her bedroom’…)
May 23 2013 West Cape High Court, Cape Town: in a Cape Times article by Leila Samodien, Justice Writer: – the following was recorded:
“Mitchells Plain man Mugamat Armien Salie 31 made a tearful plea for forgiveness to the family of the young mom he murdered, Anzunette du Plessis of Claremont.
He confessed to stabbing her and slitting her throat in her Claremont home. A video of Mogamat Armien Salie’s confession was played before the Western Cape High Court yesterday.
Salie, 31, is on trial for Du Plessis’s murder on October 4 2012 in her Claremont home. The 33-year-old mother was killed while her childminder had been out, taking her two-year-old daughter for a walk.
Just three days after the killing, Salie made a confession to Captain Kenneth Speed, acting as a Justice of the Peace, saying he’d gone to Du Plessis’s house to check up on the roof he and his father had fixed.
She’d opened the gate, let him in and he’d checked the roof for leaks. After this, he’d gone into the house and taken a camera from her room.

“That’s when she came behind me and started putting up a fight,” he said in his statement. “I fought back and I was very much angry and grabbed the knife out of my pocket.”
In the video, Salie appears emotional as he tells of how he’d stabbed Du Plessis while they were fighting. A few moments later, he begins to weep, wiping away tears with the palms of his hands.
His voice breaks as he tells what happened next: “I then grabbed hold of her from behind, keeping the knife to her throat. I slit her throat. I started grabbing whatever I could get. I panicked and just wanted to get away. I have never done something like this ever before. I know I might not bring back what I have taken away and I am sorry for doing such a horrible thing.”
At the end of the video, Salie pleads for the forgiveness of Du Plessis’s family.“It’s not easy, but forgive me,” he said. “Please find a spot in your heart to forgive me.”
In his statement, Salie also told of how he’d loaded things from the house in a bin and had left. He’d come across people along the road – first one man, then another two – who’d helped him as he walked towards Lansdowne.
Salie had wanted to sell everything but the TV set, which he was going to take home to his children but he “never got that far”.In Lansdowne, the police had caught up with them and that was when “everyone started running their own way”.
He said that when he’d been caught, he hadn’t had anything else on him but a cellphone he’d taken from Du Plessis’s house.Salie initially appeared in court with two other men, Warren van Rooyen and Dudley Boesak, both from Hanover Park.
They face charges of possession of stolen property.The trial is expected to continue on Monday.

(original article of her murder on
original report in ‘Die Burger”
Anzunette du Plessis, 33, murdered in Claremont while maid was in nearby park with her two-year-old daughter
2012-10-05 Richard Roberts CLAREMONT Cape Town: (DieBurger) – The murder of Mrs Anzunette du Plessis, 33, has shocked neighbours in this peaceful suburb. She was found by her houseworker at 11h00 in her Buchanan Street Home.
The houseworker returned from a neighbouring park with Mrs Du Plessis’ two-year-old girl when she found her employer’s body.
She suffered a ‘neckwound’. The worker was hysterical when she called to a neighbour who was putting out his garbage drum, reports Roberts. The neighbour – who as usual prefers to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals – said he walked into the back room and ‘just saw blood everywhere’. “The gate and the security gates were open. She may have known the attacker and possibly opened up the gates for him,’ he said.
Three suspects were arrested said SAPS lt col André Traut, provincial spokesman. They seek one more accomplice.
The suspects were arrested in Lansdowne – a ‘coloured’ area — with a laptop computer and a TV set which belonged to Mrs du Plessis.
The suspects’ clothes also were ‘covered in blood’ said one of the detectives on the crime scene.
Die Burger said the family did not want to speak to the news media and were clearly very traumatised.
The neighbour also had immediately called Mrs Du Plessis’ fiancee shortly after he found her body. He works in Century City.
“I told him to come home because his wife was dead. He probably thought I was telling lies because he called the maid who confirmed the tragic news.’
Some residents said the area is ‘rather peaceful beside the occasional breakin’. However another resident Cathy Archer said her husband was murdered in their Claremont home in 2007.
– Die Burger