Electricity crisis in SA deepens: riots in Dube Soweto; and Koppies Free State

Dube, Soweto residents get violent about electricity crisis — 2013-06-21 Radio Without Borders reports from Soweto that violence broke out which the SAPS had to control by chasing away the violent demonstrators with teargas. The anger of hostel residents at Dube was raised during a demonstration demanding that electricity to the hostel be restored. Some residents said they have been without electricity for days. It’s not clear whether they pay for the electricity, but three of the eight Dube hostels are being renovated.
June 20 2013 – At Koppies in the Free State, residents aggressively occupied the central business district to protest against the lack of electricity in their township. After a full day of violent behaviour, the municipality caved in and announced that electricity would be diverted by blacking out parts of Koppies, Nedersetting, Weltevrede and Rooipoort in order to get
electricity restored for the rioters’ homes in the township of Kwakatsi
PICTURE of riots: