Asian child, Krystnn Naidoo 4 deliberately run over twice by white teenaged motorbiker Kempton Park

Krystnn Naidoo 4 deliberately run over 2x by white teen motorbiker Thurs Feb14 2013: The child is fighting for her life in hospital. Anyone who may have witnessed the incident please contact SAPS Det Carien Schultz 076-481-3179 The incident took place at MonumentRd/HighveldRd/PoplarStreet in Kempton Park
Feb 19 2013: Four-year old Krystnn Naidoo was walking home from school with her two siblings and the maid when a motorcyclist, reportedly a ‘teenager on a ‘racy 250cc motorbike’ and described as having blonde hair and grey-blue eyes’, ran the child down, shouting at the children: “You must fucking watch where you are fucking going.’ Allegedly the biker then made a u-turn, came back and ran over the child’s face. The violent assault was also witnessed by her sister Kaylee, 11, brother Kiaan 6 and the domestic worker. ‘You must f***ing watch where you are f***ing going,’ the teenaged motorbiker apparently told Kaylee Naidoo (11), little Krystnn’s sister and her six-year-old brother Kiaan and the domestic worker. The A four-year-old girl has been fighting for her life since Thursday after a motorcyclist, apparently a school boy, hit her.The boy allegedly made a U-turn to ride over her face. Kaylee, her brother Kiaan (6) and her sister Krystnn (4), were walking home with their domestic worker from Kempton Park Primary School at about 2.15pm that afternoon. They were crossing Monument Road between Highveld Road and Poplar Street when the motorcyclist accelerated from Palm Avenue, hitting Krystnn.According to eyewitnesses the driver wore grey pants, a yellow shirt and carried a school bag. His motorcycle was described as most probably in the 250cc range, with a super bike look. “He had blonde hair and grey-blue eyes,” said Kaylee. An Arwyp doctor who drove past, assisted on the scene and transported Krystnn, with the help of other residents, to Arwyp Medical Centre.She was stabilised and soon after transported to Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Johannesburg where she was, at the time of going to print, still fighting for her life.Her injuries comprise head trauma, fluid around the heart, liver and lung damage and extreme facial damage.Her father and mother, Shane and Vanessa, are deeply upset that a person could do this and get away with it.
Kempton Park SAPS are investigating the incident. Anyone with any information can call Det Carien Schultz on 076-481-3179. ==========–4-