Afrikaans singer Jeandre Van Rensburg, stabbed to death – Asian man called Ali being sought in Springs

June 5 2013 – Beeld has published a picture released by the SA Police Service in Springs, Gauteng of “Ali”, a Pakistani citizen who is being sought for questioning in connection with the murder of impoverished Afrikaner singer Jeandre Van Rensburg, 19, on May 29 2013 at a local nightclub. The youth, who sang for pocketmoney in local night clubs accompanied by his father, was found with his throat sliced through in a toilet of a club. He died in his father’s arms. Allegedly there had been death threats against the youth and he told family he had also been accosted a few weeks before his death by ‘five coloured men’. DETAILS:
The exact circumstances of the stabbing death of Afrikaans singer Jeandre VanRensburg on the night of May 29 2013 remain murky. There are two different versions of events. We are attaching a picture of one of the suspects (one version is that he was lured to the venue by 5 men for a ‘surprise party’, the police version is that he was at the venue with a group of ‘friends from Pretoria’.
The picture of one of the suspects, possible a man with the first name of ‘Ali’, is attached.
The facts we do have is that Jeandre van Rensburg, a well-known young Afrikaner singer who was mostly known from singing at benefits and music venues in Springs and Nigel, was stabbed to death on May 29 2013 in an odd incident in which nothing was stolen. A man named ‘Ali’ was apparently the last one to see the young Afrikaner alive – before he was stabbed. Jeandre died in the arms of his father Jannie, who was at the club with him that night.
There are two widely different media versions of this event.

One version is provided by sources close to the late young singer (including his mother Rozanne van Rensburg). These sources state that Van Rensburg was contacted by people in Pretoria who wanted to meet him ‘for a surprise party’. When he arrived — he and his father Jannie went to the venue together — the men who had arranged to meet him there apparently did not show up. So instead Juandre and his dad sat in the strip club – where he often sang for tip-money – drinking a few beers. At one stage Juandre said he had to go to the toilet and his father went with him. The two men had kidded with each other ‘talking nonsense’ which each standing in different stalls. Then Jannie went out leaving Juandre still standing at a stall. As he went out he saw a man he referred to as an ‘Asian’ go inside the toilet where Juandre was alone inside. This man, he knew as ‘Ali’ and frequented the club, was inside ‘not for very long, not long enough to go to the toilet,’ the father noted. Then other people went inside the toilet and almost immediately ran out again, saying there was ‘much blood’. The man named Ali had by then apparently left the club. Juandre’s father Jannie rushed inside and found his son sprawled on the floor, with his throat cut. According to the description his son’s throat was cut by someone who approached him from behind. Juandre was still alive, and spoke to his dad who held him while waiting for emergency services to arrive. His son apparently told him “I am thirsty and I cannot feel my legs any more.’ Emergency services arrived very quickly and had apparently still found him alive, but he died shortly thereafter before he could be loaded into the ambulance.
Juandre’s mother Rozanne van Rensburg, who lives in Pretoria and is divorced from the father, said Juandre was engaged to a pretty girl called Bibi. She said that Juandre had during the previous few weeks, told her he became frightened and wary because he had received threatening phone calls from a specific person and had been accosted once by five ‘Asian’ or ‘Coloured’ males who had approached him one night. Juandre told his mother that he had fled because he didn’t think he could fight with all five men and felt very threatened, also because of the phone calls. “My son had a feeling that there was something going on, because this Ali apparently was in love with a girl who was interested in my son, but who my son was not interested in, he was engaged to Bibi.’ This girl started threatening in SMS messages and that’s why my son felt frightened. He knew he was going to be killed,’ said the mother in a telephone interview from her home in Pretoria on May 31 2013. She is determined to get to the bottom of the matter, she said. She rushed to the scene after her son had already died in his father’s arms, and she was unable to speak to the police at that point to tell them of her suspicions – including the fact that her son had been threatened – because ‘it was a crime scene and they were only questioning all the people who were present’. She has several questions, for instance what happened to the chain with the dogtags which Bibi had given to her son as a gift, and which he always wore around his neck. “Did the killer rip it off his neck before he cut my son’s throat?’ She also wonders what happened to her son’s clothes he wore to the club that night. ‘His black shirt, trousers and shoes still seem to be missing,’ she said. Juandre had remained at the club with his father also to earn some extra money and received R300 in tips for singing that night, she said in the telephone interview. She would try and speak to the police investigating officer to tell him of her suspicions, she said.
The second version was published in Beeld newspaper on May 31 — indicating that the young singer was killed in the toilet of the Cockpit club in Springs. His throat was cut. A Pakistani man referred to as ‘Ali’ had followed Van Rensburg to the toilet and had then left alone, Beeld reported. People then found Van Rensburg with his throat cut inside the toilet.
(Beeld did not publish ‘Ali’s’ picture — which Juandre’s friends had actually taken of the man in the club that night.)
SAPS capt Johannes Ramphora was quoted by Beeld newspaper as saying that ‘a group of friends from Pretoria visited together often at the men’s club, and that they all knew each other, and that the club was also frequented by local businessmen. ” He said the police were called to the club at around 23h00 when Van Rensburg’s body was found and they questioned all the witnesses.
The club manager Daleen Coetzee told Beeld newspaper that she ‘didn’t want to talk about it. It feels as if I have lost a child.’

The young Afrikaner singer Jeandre van Rensburg was working hard to make a name for himself as an entertainer, He appeared at many charity benefits in Springs and Nigel for the past year. He had a very firm, deep voice and sang in well-modulated voice.
On May 19 2013, he made his very first music video ‘Die Lewe’ (Life).
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He had just issued his first music video, ‘Die Lewe’ which shows him walking in a graveyard and driving through Springs. (Song: The Life):