Afrikaans child, Jasmine Lee Pretorius 4,found raped and murdered 12 hours after reported missing Dec 27 2013

Jan 3 2013 – Brakpan. The SAPS and the ANC-propagandists have turned the murder/rape of Afrikaans child Jasmin Lee Pretorius, 4, into a political propaganda service. At the service most of the Afrikaners including the mother Sasha Lee Bam, left the mourning service in disgust when it became clear that the ANC had decided to use the occasion into a political propaganda platform. One speaker even threatened the ‘community not to take the law into their own hands’ and that ‘orders had been given that people would be arrested if they made trouble’. The ANC comrades had stuck Mandela’s poster in prominent places all over the hall where the mourning service took place, while hiding Jasmin’s picture behind announcement boards. They started dancing and singing in Xhosa and completely ignoring the needs of the Afrikaners present, who wanted to hold their own religious service for the murdered child. One of the members of the Christian bikers’ group who had accompanied the mourners enroute to the service, stood up in the middle of one of the official speeches, said that this clearly was just an ANC party-political election campaign, and that this had nothing to do with Jasmin Pretorius’ death; that in fact they had not mentioned her name up to that point. The bikers were the first to walk out and soon the majority of Afrikaners had walked out of the hall in disgust. The news media remaining behind continued to report on twitter about the minister’s comments that the ‘community should embrace each other’ and ‘not be angry’.

Reported by Eye Witness News Jan 3 2013 from 10am.

Murdered 4yo Jasmin Pretorius’ suspected rapist/killer’s lover Darren Pretorius (pic)’gets death threats’, he told Afrikaans news media in a personal interview. “My lover planned the murder and now I get death threats,’ said Darren, who is a member of the Brakpan community-policing forum. On the night the little girl was murdered, he had worked night-shift until the next morning, when Jasmine was reported missing. He claimed that ‘he never thought that the drug-addicted man he’d had an ‘off-and-on sexual relationship with for more than a year, would ever be capable of such a deed.’ He told the Afrikaans news media that he believed his lover – who is the child’s uncle but may not yet be identified — had very likely planned Jasmin’s murder in great detail as he had called his lover several times that night: “making certain hat I would be working night shift,’ Pretorius reportedly said. He shared the apartment with the child’s father Morné and the child’s grandmother but is too scared to return to it now, living with friends in Centurion instead. “I am tremendously shocked about what he is accused of having done, but I still love him. Unfortunately there isn’t a button which I can push to turn off my emotions. He was the love of my life’. He said he had asked his friend (who may not be identified until he has been asked to plead to charges) to ‘chose between me and drugs’. He claimed his lover had ‘chosen him’. Pretorius said his lover ‘was a quiet person who lived inside his own head. He never spoke about his emotions. I did not know what was going on in his head.’ Darren now lives with friends in Centurion – too terrified to return to the flat in Brakpan where Jasmine Lee Pretorius’ little body was found. The lover shared the flat with Jasmine’s divorced father Morné, his brother Sarel and the child’s grandmother Isabelle.Since the little girl’s gruesome murder/rape, the dwellers in that flat have been getting death threats, said the lover. “I am even too scared to go back to work because people threatened to burn the place down.
He said that during that Saturday-afternoon – the day Jasmine was murdered — he was at work and worked throughout the night until early the next morning. The last time he had seen the little girl was when his lover was lying around on grandmother Isabella’s bed watching a TV show with Jasmine and sister Jessica (6). Later that night, the suspect went to have drinks with the child’s father and his new girlfriend and after having drinks, Morné went to his girlfriend’s house for the night while the murder-suspect returned to the flat where the two little girls had remained behind with their grandmother. Jessica fell asleep in front of the TV with her grandmother. Jasmine-Lee had gone to Morné’s bedroom where she fell asleep on her father’s bed. Darren said that when he returned from his night-shift the next morning (7am) he realized that the bedding was not on the father’s bed – and asked his lover where the bedsheets were. “He replied that ‘it was dirty and he had put it in the laundry'”. Darren said this ‘made him suspicious because Jasmine-Lee was missing. “I mentioned this to the SAPS when I was questioned about her disappearance. It appears that he had hidden her body inside the solid-base of the bed. Darren said he also noticed that the mattress was wet and suspected that it had just been washed. Darren also said that the family had been pursuaded by the SAPS to not attend the memorial service for Jasmin in Brakpan on January 3 2013 ‘for fear of revenge attacks by the community.’ Jasmine-Lee Pretorius’ funeral takes place next Wednesday at the Lighthouse Church in Brakpan.


December 30 2013 – Eye Witness News reported: Community members in Brakpan on Monday threatened to take justice into their own hands as anger mounts over a 23-year-old man who allegedly raped and murderd a four-year-old girl. The suspect, who is the girl’s uncle, appeared briefly in the Brakpan magistrate’s court this morning.
He has been charged with killing his niece before leaving her under a bed. Jasmine Pretorius’ mother, father and grandmother were in court on Monday.
Police confirmed that four-year-old Jasmine Pretorius was found raped and murdered in Brakpan.
The situation was tense as hundreds of community members were yelling through the Brakpan magistrate court gates, calling the accused a pig and a drug addict.
Some members of the public even threatened to kill him. Family members walking into court were also greeted by angry protestors . One woman called them ‘drunkards’ who neglected their child.
The matter has been postponed to allow the suspect time to appoint a lawyer or apply for legal aid. Jasmine’s father was escoted out of court as community members called for his blood.
Meanwhile the ANC minister Luxu Xingwana reacted with shock and anger to the crime.
Video of court action:
Jasmine Lee Pretorius, 4, found murdered: male relative 23 arrested in Brakpan. Die Burger newspaper reports from Cape Town on Sunday 29 December 2013:
Johannesburg. – It is reported by Eye Witness News that a male family member, 23, was arrested after the body of
missing four-year-old Jasmine Lee Pretorius was found beneath a bed in her father’s apartment in Voortrekker Street Brakpan last night.
She was found within 24 hours after she was reported missing. She was found around 7 o’clock on Saturday evening and was fully dressed.
Jasmine was murdered and it is suspected that she also was raped. It is also suspected, reported EWN, that she also was kidnapped but it is not yet known
where she was taken during the kidnapping. The 23 year old relative is held at the Brakpan SAPS cells and Eye Witness News reports that the police expects to make further arrests.
The four-year-old girl was last seen on 27 December : she spent the night with her sister and grandmother at her father’s apartment.
Volunteers helped search for the little girl all day yesterday and a picture of her with her description was widely spread on the social media.

The Boere Krisis Aksie Group members in Brakpan who helped search for the missing 4-year-old Afrikaans girl in Brakpan: Jasmin Lee Pretorius 4 yrs: confirmed at 8pm Dec 28 2013 that she has been found raped and murdered. Reportedly her uncle has been arrested for ‘questioning’ by the SAPS. We are awaiting the police statement and further details ont he circumstances of this xenophobic hate crime against a small child.

The child was last seen 27 Dec 2013 she went to sleep in her bed in her father’s secure flat in Voortrekker Rd, Brakpan with her Grandmother & sister. By 6am on the 28th Dec she was not in the flat any longer. She was wearing a pink long sleeve shirt & black pants. Info LT-Magane Cell 082 557 3908/011-7444111 or PLTT On 072 214 7439 or 073 909 7984

More background information was provided on the Boere KRisis Aksie page: