3 Afrikaners who defended their families against black passengers arrested for 'attempted murder

Three Afrikaner men who fought back against men who attacked their family from a taxi, arrested for attempted murder
Three Afrikaner dads who were attacked by passengers from a taxi in the Loskop region were arrested for defending themselves. There are no indications that any black passengers were injured in a melee which occurred when a black male passenger tried to kidnap a 14-year-old Afrikaner girl in an incident which escalated when a self-defence group showed up and started firing globs of paint at black taxi-passengers. Middelburg ‘s Afrikaners have this past year been targetted by many armed gangs and many were injured and killed. In reaction the Afrikaners organised themselves into a sixty-member self-defence group called the ‘RadioGroup’ – and the Afrikaans pro-ANC media of Naspers has since that time, demonised many of their attempts at self-defence measures to protect their families.
2013-02-11 23:00 Middelburg. – .Ernest Hartzenberg (23), Mossie Moss (40) and Johnny van Eeden (22) were given R1000 bail at the Middelburg police station and ordered to appear in the magistrate’s court under charges of attempted murder. The three men told Beeld they acted in self-defence.
Hartzenberg said he, Van Eeden and the children of Mossie Moss were at a lodge in the Loskop region on Saturay. He said the children, Issbella 11 and Dylan 14 Moss were in the car with him while Mr Van Eeden, his fiancee Simoné (17) and their baby daughter Jaime (15 months) were driving ahead of them in their own car.
Hartzenberg: “I had arranged to meet Mr Moss at the Dennesig-link to drop off his children. Enroute back a quantum-minibus taxi passed me on a narrow stretch of the road and pushed me off the road. I kept driving, ignoring them. A bit ahead of me the taxi pulled over. I drove past them and stopped at a road-detour. The minibus-taxi pulled across in the line of traffic right in front of my car. Some of the passengers then jumped out of the taxi and urinated against Hartzenberg’s car.
“ONer man pushed his hand through the open window, grabbed Isabella and tried to pull her from the car. Others took pictures with their cellphones of my car and said they were going to kill me if they found me in town. Fortunately the roadworkers then gesticulated for me to drive and I chased off, leaving the taxi and the passengers behind.’ Meanwhile Mr Moss, his wife Natalie and Mr Van Eden were at the Dennesig-link waiting for Mr Hartzenberg. Just as the Afrikaner men met up with each other, each in their own car, two minibuses with black passengers and drivers stopped at the intersection, the driver of one taxi climbed out and, said Hartzenberg, ‘apologised’ for the incident. “I asked the driver where the people were who tried to pull Isabella from the taxi and who then threatened to kill me? One of the men then said: Yes you white c^^s.”That’s when Johnny van Eeden pushed the man away from him and we got into a hand-fight. Then an unknown man in a white car drove past the group and fired with paintballgun at the taxi’s passengers. One of the women jumped in one car and chased away and minutes later ‘countless vehicles showed up’, said Mr Hartzenberg.
Beeld was told by Neels Engelbrecht, described as the ‘temporary chairman’ of the Kanonkop-Dennesig Radio-Citizen-Defence Group, that ‘some of the members of the group had shown up at the scene.’
SAPS colonel Leonard Hlathi said the Afrikaner men ‘were arrested for indecent assault and injuring private property of the minibus-passengers.
Hlathi did not explain what the ‘indecent assault’ charge entailed or against whom it had been directed.