Survived: Farmers Sandy and Frans Troskie hacked and knifed by 4 black males on Ellisras farm, 3 children flee in bush

21:40 Oct 20 2013 Ellisras, Lephalale, Limpopo, South Africa

Survived: Farmers Sandy and Frans Troskie hacked and knifed by 4 black males on Ellisras farm, 3 children flee in bush
"They came to kill us": black knifeman was frantically stabbing Sandy Troskie 45, while whispering 'Sjuut, miesies, sjuut, miesies.” -- one cellphone 'robbed'- SAPS only investigate 'armed robbery' but NOT 'Two attempted murders'
ELLISRAS. 22 October 2013. Sandy and Frans Troskie, owners of the Sitatunga Safaris Lodge, said that when black men with knives and pangas attacked them at their lodge on
Saturday-night, they were stabbing the two Afrikaners 'as if they wanted us to die.' The black man who was stabbing Sandy with a handmade knife was described as 'frantic'.
The couple is at the Montana Hospital in Pretoria with vicious slash-wounds from the pangas and the knives. Frans vowed: "If I ever get them I will cut off their fingers one by one'.
The motive clearly wasn't 'robbery' as they only grabbed a cellphone to stop the couple from calling for help. Frans was still watching TV and Sandy was also in her bedroom when the men just came storming in, brandishing knives and pangas.
Their twelve-year-old daughter described the situation as 'a scene from a scary movie'. The couple were grateful that their two children and a friend had just left the house to go to the hunting camp when the attackers arrived.
"One was wearing a balaclava, and when I saw him I knew there was trouble,' said Frans. He said the men immediately started slashing him with pangas and knives.
Even so, Frans managed to kick one of the attackers and managed to flee to get help. Then they found his wife Sandy. "I heard there was a noise and when I turned around one man lunged at me with a knife.
He stabbed me in the upper body.' She said while she was trying to fend him off with her right hand he stabbed it, cutting muscles and senews.
"He kept saying to me 'sjuut miesies, sjuut'. Sandy didnt 'sjuut', instead she kicked the man, he fell down, grabbed her cellphone and fled the homestead.
Beeld journalist Marietie Louw-Carstens said the SAPS are seeking four black males and quoted Brig. Hangwani Mulaudzi as saying they were only investigating 'armed robbery'. (Not attempted murder?)
Sandy Troskie and husband Frans survive vicious attack by four black males with pangas and knives on Ellisras farm: children Franco, Vanessa and Cameron fled and hid in bush evening of Oct192013
Oct 19 2013: Source of report and picture by Afrikaner Red October singer/activist Steve Hofmeyr: "No farm attack will get Sandy Troskie of Ellisras down. She and Frans are in ICU at Montana Hospital. Their daughter writes: 'It was like a horror movie, my parents' blood was in every room of the house. When Franco and I and Cameron were walking from the house to the hunting camp... we told Mom we'd be back quickly and 5 minutes later four blacks went into the back door and attacked my dad, and one man stabbed my mom in the neck, the chest, the face and cut off the ligaments in her arm. My dad was hacked with pangas over the head and stabbed in his chest, neck and his lung. Franco and I hid in the bush: we aren't going to have anybody stab us.

Boodskap van Vanessa (Frans en Sandy se dogter): Gistraand was soos n horror movie waar daar net bloed van my ouers in elke vertrek van die huis is !! Gistrand het ek en franCo en cameron van die huis af na die jagkamp toe geloop....en ekt vir my ma gese ons sal gou wees....toe loop ons en hulle het ons hEel moontlik dopgehou....en toe 5min later nadat ons gestap het.... Het hulle by die agterdeur ingekom en 4 swartes het my pa angeval en 1 my ma in die kamer waar sy geslaap het...hulle het my pa met pangas gesteek op die kop en met n mes in die bOrs...nek en sy long raakgesteek !* hulle het my ma in die nEk...bors ,gesig en hulle het haar Arm se ligmente afge snY !! So sy moet n operasie ondergaan ..! En my pa is baie erinstig beSeur ....ek en franCo hulle moes wegkruip in die bOs laat hulle ons nie steek nie.
Foto: steve_hofmeyr (Twitter) geen plaasaanval gaan Sandy Troskie van Ellisras onderkry nie. Sy en Frans in ICU Montana hospitaal

NOTE: at this stage there is no indication that anything was robbed.
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