These archives date from June 2012 - present. Older archives on is an archive maintained -- between July 2012 and July 2016 -- by retired Dutch-South African journalist Adriana Stuijt. It lists a small portion of the genocidal hatecrimes against various small minority-groups in South Africa. This includes the 3-million white Christians who refer to themselves as Boers and/or Afrikaners. This small minority group are the descendants of the original founders of the Western society which South Africa became ever since the Dutch East India company (VOC) 's establishment of the Cape of Good Hope in 1652 now modern-day Cape Town, Kaapstad in the Afrikaans language). This archive is a small sampling, and is comprised of 4,300+ files with detailed photographs, documents, original sources, police and forensic records, as well as first-person accounts of incidents related to specific genocidal acts committed under the ruling African National Congress/CommunistParty alliance which took over the country's hegemony since 1994. This archive is no longer updated due to the advanced age of its archivist. The contents are in the public domain and can be freely republished." Enquiries may be directed to the archivist at Anyone interested in sponsoring this archive to keep it online, may also contact me there.