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Stop EU-funding for ‘chaotic’ SA: EU

Two Dutch Euro-parliamentarians Barry Medlener and Lucas Hartong to European Commission: “Stop 980-million Euro development-aid funds to South Africa“.

“There is no sign of social stability in South Africa – the EU taxpayers are wasting their money”

The European parliament’s press officer Laurens VanDelft issued the following on behalf of the Party for Freedom faction – in response to the violent pro-Malema rioting in Johannesburg on August 30 and the growing social unrest in that country:

Aug 31, 2011 BRUSSELS – Euro-MPs Barry Madlener and Lucas Hartong want that the European Commission to immediately stop giving its development-aid programme in which millions of Euros are sent too South Africa purportedly to ‘advance social stability’ in that country. The EU budgeted an amount of 980-million for this purpose from 2007 to 2013 – . Madlener and Hartong point out that ‘there is no sign of social stability in South Africa and that the EU is wasting the taxpayers’ money on this useless project.

YouTube Source Link – Students Attack Police

US embassy warns its citizens in South Africa to register

‘rapidly-deteriorating political climate in South Africa…’

The two MPs point out that the US embassy yesterday warned its citizens in South Africa to have themselves registered – and to also inform the embassy of the actual threats of violence in that country. The US embassy said in its statement that due to – amongst others – the public violence surrounding the public hearing against ANC youth leader Malema, there has been a ‘rapidly-deteriorating political climate in South Africa.” The two Dutch MPs also warn that the violence targetting whites has soared – and criticised the fact that specifically white journalists are seriously hampered in carrying out their funcitons as representatives of the free press.”

Comments Madlener: “Everybody can observe that there is no indication of any increasing social stability in South Africa. The EU is spending its money on projects like these at the costs of the taxpayers, to make themselves look good in South Africa. This is another useless project which once again shows the need that the EU must stop giving money to development-aid”.

He is raising the following questions with the European Commission:

  1. 1. Does the Commission, as does the PVV, agree that the current set-up of the ANC-ruled South African government does not exactly indicate that they are creating social stability and social cohesion?
  2. 2. Can de Commission indicate why – despite the strongly-increasing level of social- and political unrest in South Africa — so much money is still being donated from the EU-budget to this country?
  3. 3. Does the Commission, as does the PVV, also admit that all the financial help which has thus far gone to South Africa from the EU, with the specific intention to ‘increase social stability’, has clearly proven to be totally useless and insufficient?
  4. 4. Does the Commission intend to now stop this ‘development-aid’ to South Africa due to the growing socio-political unrest? And if not, why not?
Whites attacked in large numbers in South Africa

“In penultimate stage of Genocide”, warns Genocide Watch – Julius Malema must be removed as leader of the ANC youth league: he is a violent black-racist Marxist, just like Winnie Mandela”.

Examples of latest social unrest – even pupils attack, injure police now: Aug 30 2011

Johannesburg – in the video above, two white women who were parking their car in a private car-park were, for no reason at all, accosted by a large number of police officers, dragged off and arrested. At the police station these two women were brutally treated and only released when their family rushed to have them bailed out. No charged were ever placed against them. Such black-racist harassment from South African government officials has become all too common in South Africa, as can be seen on the daily incidents posted on Also as seen in the video below, on Aug 30 2011 a police officer was injured and two state vehicles damaged during a very violent protest by pupils in Cosmo City, north-west of Johannesburg, Gauteng police said. The Cosmo City Secondary School pupils erupted into violence against the cops, Warrant Officer Karen Jacobs said, with their demands that their principal must be fired. They completely damaged two vehicles with stones and other hard objects. A male officer was admitted to hospital after he was hit with a brick in the face.”Two males of adult age — both aged 18 — were arrested and charged with public violence and malicious damage to property. They were expected to appear in court soon. It’s not known if the case will be pursued: the the Gauteng education department was not immediately available for comment and it is not known if pupils would also face internal hearings –

ANCYL hijacks police casspir Luthuli House Siege Aug 30 2011

ANCYL hijacks police casspir: Luthuli House Siege - Aug 30 2011

Source – Development Aid funding to South Africa from Eu
Source – US Embassy warnings to US residents
Source – White journalists attacked

Contact information, press officer, Laurens VanDelft, EU, 60 Wiertzstraat 60, ASP 4F34, 1047 Brussel T: +32 (0) 2 28 47848 | M: +32 (0) 488 369


Racist attacks in traffic: Hard to prove — In South Africa a great many people also are often intentionally killed or attacked in traffic, also by the policing-authorities. Many Afrikaner “whites” are being run down and killed in public by so-called hit and run drivers and just recorded as traffic-fatalities: unless someone had the courage to come forward to testify about the incidents. World-famous Olympic swimming champion Nathalie du Toit for instance, became disabled when her scooter was run over by a ‘hit-and-run taxi driver’. These racist murders and attacks in traffic can however hardly ever be proven. Some are listed below…

In South Africa, road traffic fatalities and homicide account for a significant proportion of non-natural deaths (National Injury Mortality Surveillance System (NIMMS, 2005). South Africa’s homicide rate of 72.5 per 100,000 population (2007) is about five times the world average of 14.0 per 100,000 population and the road traffic death rate of 43.0 per 100,000 population is twice the world average of 21.6 per 100,000 population (WHO, 2002). 2007 SAPS statistics indicated an annual increase in violent crimes in the country (e.g. murder, carjacking and robbing). The exceptionally high levels of violent crime sets South Africa apart internationally (McCafferty, 2003). The United Nations survey of 69 countries from 2001 already revealed South Africa to be second to Columbia: as having one of the highest firearm-related homicide rates worldwide (Schonteich & Louw, 2001). Egger (1993) argued that homicide, the most serious form of violent crime, is likely the most reliable index of violence in a society given its high report rate. Extending this view, Whitlock (1971) proposes that both homicide and roadtraffic fatalities (in SA registered as ‘culpible homicides’) are manifestations of ‘violent societies’. Defined as ‘violent deaths’, homicide and road traffic fatalities are the leading categories of non-natural deaths in South Africa.’ Also: the study: “The Relationship between Homicides and Road Traffic Fatalities” by the SA Medical Research Council.

Anton Vermeulen, security worker, father of three run down and killed on his bicycle by red hit-and-run vehicle, July 6 2011, Brakpan, Dirk van der Hoff Street, between 9 – 9.30pm…


Vermeulen Anton security guard father of 3 run down on bike Brakpan July 6 2011

Vermeulen Anton security guard father of 3 run down on bike Brakpan July 6 2011

15 July 2011. BRAKPAN – source: journalist Thelma Koorts. As has only come to light a week later, Anton Vermeulen, the hardworking Afrikaner dad of three young children, was run down and killed while pedalling home on his bicycle after buying a bread for his family. The red car which hit and killed him is nowhere to be found. Police say they merely are investigating a case of ‘culpible homicide’ – not murder.

His heartbroken mom Hannetjie Oberholzer (43) said her son ran his own security company. He had no car, travelling everywhere on his trusty pedal-bike. People knew him as very reliable in his work, she said. Many people in Brakpan knew the friendly young Afrikaner: who used to work as a low-paid carguard until he got into the security business. Pieces of the red car which hit the white man and then just drove away, were found at the scene. “Anton worked very hard to look after his wife Nicolene and the three daughters Nadia (9), Sonja (7) and Hannetjie (5). We will picked up a bread at scene where he died; he probably bought it earlier that night.’ His funeral took place Wednesday July 13 2011.”

Bernadine Kruger, 15, killed 23 Feb 2009 on her motorscooter; guilty of her murder: taxidriver Percival Matji, 31, Sept 10 2009…


Kruger Bernadine Murderer Taxidriver Percyval Matji Beeld Pic Cornel Van Heerden Aug 14 2009

Kruger Bernadine Murderer Taxidriver Percyval Matji Beeld Pic Cornel Van Heerden Aug 14 2009

Kruger Bernadine Kruger deliberately run over by black taxi driver who laughed as he drove off

Kruger Bernadine Kruger deliberately run over by black taxi driver who laughed as he drove off

Far-left is convicted taxi-driver Percyval Matji, 31, found guilty Sept 10, 2009 at Pretoria Regional Court of murdering 15 -year-old Afrikaans pupil Bernadine Kruger, right, in Pretoria on 23 Feb 2009. Matji, the court ruled, had deliberately used his taxi to kill her: bumper-riding the white child’s scooter very aggressively across two lanes, causing her to crash, and then he deliberately ran over her with his taxi once more. Initially this was logged as a ‘culpible homicide’ – but due to the insistence of the Freedom Front Plus, and the many drivers who witnessed this horrific event, the driver was charged and found guilty of murder. Was its category ever changed so that it could be included in the SAPS’ murder-statistics? We don’t know. Anyhow, on Friday, September 11 2009, Matji was found guilty of murder and reckless driving. Handing down judgment magistrate Edmund Patterson said: “It was not a mistake. It was not negligence. It was murder. Matji deliberately followed Ms Kruger and wanted her out of his way. Matji made a lethal weapon of his vehicle by driving at speeds far exceeding the limit’

Pieter Coetzee, 60 and Johannes P Kruger, 32, killed on their motorbikes 16 October 2010…


KRUGER Johannes Paulus 32 Christian Biker Club member run down deliberately Zim Hummer Driver 16 Oct 2010 Pta North

2010-12-21 – Pretoria North: The SA Police say they know the identity of a male driver of a Hummer, a citizen from Zimbabwe — who was witnessed by many road-users as he ran down down and killed two Afrikaners and permanently disabled a third man on their bikes. Pieter Coetzee and Jhannes P Kruger were killed, Pieter Coetzee junior was left permanently disabled. The three Afrikaner men – members of the Christian Motorcyclists’ Association – were riding to an early-morning prayer meeting in Pretoria North on 16 October 2010, warrant officer Matthews Nkoadi.


20090717 Gang steals (traffic-accident-) disabled Dr Ceval Mills’ patented electronic voice simulator, shoot down his dad Dr Neville Mills, 63 – critically injuring him…


Jul 19 2009 Hilda Fourie of Beeld newspaper reported: ‘Are you happy now?”screamed the armed gangster afer gunning down Dr Neville Mills Senior of Evander. Dr Mills was gunned down and critically injured when he came running from his room after his wife Ria, 61, shouted when a gunman threatened to shoot their nearly totally disabled son Dr Cival Mills, 34. Dr MIlls has been unable to move anyuthing except his eyes and thumb/index finger of his left hand ever since he was injured in a traffic ‘accident’ outside Shongwe Hospital near Malalane, where he worked as a rural doctor.

The accident’s injuries left him with the locked-in syndrome (a neurological complication whereby a patient loses all voluntary muscle function except for the ability to move the eyelids). He gained fame two years ago as the winner of Mpumalanga province’s Fundza for Fun(Reading is Fun) writers’ competition for his book “This too will pass’, which sold out its first printing within just weeks. It took him four years to write the book on a laptop computer using his thumb and index finger. He also developed a computer mouse enabling himself to type just as quickly as he did before he was disabled. For the three years before he was attacked, he managed to hold down a job as a researcher at the medical aid schemes Momentum Health and Discovery Health. He developed an electronic voice simulator with which he communicates – and which was robbed. This innovative, self-designed IT apparatus functions with controls that are activated with only the thumb and forefinger of his left hand and which he has named Thingy. He was also working full-time to develop two different IT devices that will make computers more user-friendly for other disabled people with (extreme) limited hand function. A patent has been registered on his first design Thingy — and a grant was approved by the Department of Trade and Industry for its development and marketing. He is currently registering and developing the second device, which he has called Penpal. Mrs Mill’s daughter Mrs Madie Dittrich, a Pretoria lawyer, said the first words to her mom and disbled brother by the robber gang as they stormed into the Mills home were: “Do you want to die today”?” They ripped off Cival’s patented cellphone he designed himself, and which he wore around his neck, and pushed a handgun to his head.

“They told my mom they are going to shoot Cival dead. My mom screamed, and this alerted my dad who was on his bed. He jumped up and rushed to the living room – and when the gunmen saw him they shot him down. Then they screamed at my mother ‘Are you happy now?’

While Neville Mills was lying on the floor, bleeding and critically injured, the gunmen calmly took the family cellphones and laptop-computers and strolled out of the sliding door they had broken through to get into the house. Her brother still tried to push the gangsters with his wheelchair but her mother intervened, stopping him from doing so, Mrs Dittrich said. Neville was rushed to Unitas Hospital where one kidney was removed during a six-hour surgical procedure and his stomach, which also was struck by the bullet, required repairs. Mrs Dittrich said that her mom and brother are very traumatised. Police supt. Abie Khoabane confirmed ‘the incident’ and said nobody was arrested.,,3-975_2540163,00.html
Memoir by Dr Cival Mills Becomes an Overnight Bestseller

Magdel Steyn, attacked by aggressive Pretoria traffic cops – caught on candid camera…


Magdel Steyn was merely parking her car when the lone Afrikaans woman was arrested by an aggressive Pretoria police force in front of a huge crowd — but the abusive cops were caught on camera by Afriforum civil rights movement…

March 14 2010 – PRETORIA AfriForum has released shocking visual material of Pretoria metro male police officers unlawfully yanking around an Afrikaans woman in front of a large crowd and then illegally arresting her. Her ‘crime?” – she was accused of double-parking at a private parking lot…

During the broadcasting of the M-Net programme, Carte Blanche, on Sunday 14 March 2010, the story of the 24 year-old Magdel Steyn was told. She was arrested in front of her relatives by the (Pretoria) Metro Police on a fake charge of “reckless and negligent driving” — after allegedly double-parking at a privately-owned parking lot. It’s not known why the Pretoria metropolitan police were present in such large numbers just to arrest one defenceless Afrikaans woman who had done nothing wrong.

Nantes Kelder, head of community safety of AfriForum, the visual material shows shocking images of Steyn’s human rights being violated under the pretense of a very minor traffic violation. “AfriForum has already discussed the matter with Mr Francois Beukman, the Executive Director of the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD). The incident is regarded in a serious light and the ICD will investigate it further,” Kelder said. AfriForum’s legal team also served a letter of complant to the Head of the Metro Police, Commissioner Mutle. In the letter AfriForum asks for the latter’s undertaking that action will be taken against the metro police members involved immediately. AfriForum also demanded that these members should be suspended, or be withdrawn from active policing duties. Kelder encouraged members of the public to tell their stories about incidents of power abuse by police members at ALL THE PICTURES:

Steyn Magdel Illegal Arrest Human Rights Abuse March 14 2010 Carte blanche AfriForum

Steyn Magdel Illegal Arrest Human Rights Abuse March 14 2010 Carte blanche AfriForum

Download the homicides and traffic-report fatalities report at:

SASOLBURG cops terrorise white smallholders

Black-racist cops get away with murder



On April 18 2008, Afrikaans high school prefect James Geldart – and among the country’s top-ten squash-players – was shot in the head while fleeing from two cars with black gunmen near Springs. He was in a coma for days. Left facially disfigured, the traumatised young Afrikaner now lives in Durban. On July 14 2011, the three black mystery-cops from Boksburg municipality who were charged for his attempted murder, are planning to apply in Benoni magistrate’s court D to have the case dropped altogether… On April 18 2008, the unarmed James Geldart, then a promising young Afrikaner high-school student, the senior-prefect at Brandwag High School in Boksburg, became so terrified when confronted by two groups of black gunmen who tried to pull him over in their unmarked cars, that the youth fled and crashed with the blacks in hot pursuit – shooting at him while chasing the unarmed young Afrikaner down the highway. They never identified themselves as cops.

He said later that the shots were fired by two groups of armed men in two unmarked cars who had followed him on the N12 highway near Springs.’They were giving no indications that they may have been cops’. Believing they were hijackers or robbers, he called his security company CMS while he continued driving to his parental home. He was shot and injured while fleeing. Spokesmen of his security company confirmed that they could ‘hear the shots while he was calling them in sheer panic’. They immediately rushed to his house because a security alarm had also been raised there by his mother. Young Geldart, bleeding profusely and weak from the gunshot wounds, lost control over his car and crashed it into a wall a block away from his house. There was no sign of the men who had been following him. He was treated on the scene by paramedics and rushed to Glynnwood hospital.

James Thomas Geldart Shot By Ekhuleni Cops April 18 2008 Beeld

James Thomas Geldart Shot By Ekhuleni Cops April 18 2008 Beeld

The three cops from Boksburg municipality who were charged two years later with this attempted murder will hear on July 14 2011 in Benoni magistrate’s court D whether the case will be dismissed altogether. They have not only managed to keep their identities a total secret – they have also managed to repeatedly get this case postponed, it never was moved to any higher court for trial – and now it will very likely be thrown out by the public prosecutor on July 14. Nobody knows who these violent Boksburg municipal cops are to this very day. They have managed — with the help of friends and colleagues — to evade the news media ever since their arrest, bail application and repeated court-appearances. Meanwhile young James Geldart has seen no justice done. On July 14 2011, the Afrikaans community will find out whether these black-racist cops will get away with permanently ruining Geldart’s young life. The youth would definitely have been murdered. It is said that they are still working at Boksburg municipality, still packing their guns. They have also been charged with discharging a firearm in a populated area and negligent use of a firearm. The newspapers still do not know their names. Journalists believe that the three officers are protected by colleagues and court-officials who are able to sneak them into court rooms. And it will probably happen again on July 14 2011 in Benoni magistrate’s court D.

The mentally-disturbed, black Kempton Park cop was witnessed on April 26 2011 by car-guard Sipho Baloyi executing Janet Odendaal in her car at point-blank range. The accused cop initially was denied bail due his mentally-disturbed state. On July 1 2011 he was quietly given R3,000 bail… and is back on the job: his case will be heard again on August 15 in the Kempton Park magistrate’s court…

SAPF sergeant Mnape Phineas Kgoale initially was denied bail for Mrs Odendaal’s execution-style murder, which witnessed by the horrified car-guard, Sipho Baloyi, 45, who showed a Beeld journalist the exact way in which the Afrikaans woman had been murdered (picture below).

However June, he suddenly appeared in the local magistrate’s court and quietly granted R2,000 bail. He’s back at work. It was reported at the time that Kgoale came walking out of the Kempton Park police station while Mrs Odendaal was sitting inside her car: friends told the news media later that she ws calling the 10111 emergency number. It was reported that Kgoale had just returned to duty from treatment at the Elim Clinic for Alcohol Addiction between March 26 to April 2, and had earlier in the year also undergone treatment for some other unspecified mental illness. The court heard at his first bail-application that Kgoale was ‘in a very emotional state because his girlfriend did not allow him to visit their six-year-old daughter because of his ‘violent, erratic behaviour and alcoholism’.

Gerhardt Theron of the local Kempton Park newspaper noted on July 1 2011 that Mrs Odendaal’s alleged killer was granted R3,000 bail by the Johannesburg High Court on the Wednesday before. “Sgt Mnape Phineas Kgoale paid his bail after his court appearance in Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court yesterday. During this appearance both the state and the accused’s representative Mr Riaan Louw, asked for a postponement ‘for further investigations’. Louw also wanted to know whether the trial would take place in Kempton Park or in the Johannesburg High Court. Mnape stands accused of shooting and killing Odendaal in Monument Road opposite Kempton Park Police Station on April 26.The case was postponed to August 15.” What happened? And has anybody seen the car-guard lately?


Odendaal Janet shot dead outside Kempton Park police station

Odendaal Janet shot dead outside Kempton Park police station

Car guard shows how Janet Odendaal was murdered Kempton Park Police Station

Car guard shows how Janet Odendaal was murdered Kempton Park Police Station

The Sasolburg cops who killed Afrikaner businessman Ignatius Michael ‘Naas” Grobler, Deneysville, were an integral part of the armed gang which carried out a wave of attacks against smallholders, yet some of these cops are still working… and none have come to trial…‘ judge C J Musi, June 3 2011. After Grobler’s murder, this criminal cop-gang ‘even helped search for his killers’ in a massive police hunt…

Grobler Naas 56 murdered rural Denysville Vaaldam security complex Sept 8 2010

Grobler Naas 56 murdered rural Denysville Vaaldam security complex Sept 8 2010

2011-06-03 Johan Brits of Beeld newspaper recorded on June 3 2011 in a trial of the Sasolburg court that judge C J Musi expressed his deep concern about the fact that the police-officers who aided and abetted convicted armed robber Moses Sechaba, 23, in carrying out his series of attacks between November 2009 and October 2010 against white homeowners are still working at their jobs. The attacks targetted private homes and smallholders in Sasolburg, Vaalpark, Deneysville and at the high-security compound Club 40 outside Denysville. Ignatius Michael (Naas) Grobler , left,was shot dead at his house in Club 40. The court ruled that Sechaba ‘did not pull the trigger but he is co-responsible for Grobler’s death. Musi said in his summary that Sechaba worked with a gang – and that ‘a group of police officers formed part of this gang. Yet Sechaba is the only one charged with these crimes in this court.’ “Of those police officers are in custody, but others are still working as police officers,’ he said.

“During this trial, a police-officer had even visited Sechaba in the holding cells and threatened Sechaba and told him ‘he knows what he said in his guilty plea.’ Musi said ‘this means that this police officer had access to the dossier. And that worries me. That worries me a lot. I can understand why you fear for your life. I understand why you won’t mention the names of specific fellow-gangmembers in an open court.’ He was sentenced to 29 years prison of which he will have to serve 25 years, on 15 charges of housebreaking, armed robbery, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, attempted murder and murder.

At about 04:00 on Sept 8 2010, businessman Naas Grobler, 56, had gone to investigate why his dog was barking so incessantly and was shot dead in cold blood, said his stepson, Mel Shandos, 44, after the murder. The family was under attack and Grobler’s wife Rika, 62, grabbed her cellphone and locked herself in the bathroom of their house, named Lekker Lag, ( Happy Laughter ) when she heard the shots.The gunmen then calmly stole only a cellphone and some jewellery from the house: shortly before the same gang had also robbed two other houses in the same ‘secure’ Club 40 complex, about 10km from Deneysville and the Vaal Dam just before they shot Mr Grobler. One of these houses belongs to Grobler’s son Louis, 30, who also was a partner in their steel business. His house was three doors down from that of his parents. “My stepdad was shot in cold blood,” said Shandos.Three shots were fired, of which at least one hit Grobler snr. His sons described him as “a kind man who had no enemies”.”When my mom heard the robbers flee, she phoned the security guard at the complex’s gate and started screaming,” said Shandos. She was treated for shock. What followed was even more amazing: as it is now said that some police officials from Sasolburg and Deneysville who launched a search for the gang were actually a very integral part of this gang. Some were later arrested after their involvement was proven when Moses Sechaba was arrested. The majority, as judge C J Musi noted, were however ‘still at work’.

SASOLBURG cops terrorise white smallholders

SASOLBURG cops terrorise white smallholders

MORE SOURCES,,3-975_2308619,00.html

ICD visits late Odendaal’s family 4 May 2011 Murder accused will apply for bail today

Kgoale is denied bail in Odendaal murder trial 4 May 2011 Case has been postponed until next month

State fights not to grant sergeant bail 4 May 2011 Accused booked himself into clinic for alcohol abuse treatment

Policeman kills woman in front of police station 28 April 2011 Car guard witnessed the incident

Odendaal’s alleged killer in court 30 April 2011 The case has been postponed until Wednesday

Odendaal called 10111 moments before she was killed by policeman 28 April 2011 Friend says she has no idea where Odendaal was before

Polisielede help skurk inbreek –