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Van der Merwe Andre Brood three killer suspects mass escape Hartbeespoort Prison June 22 2011

Killer Suspects Of Ottosdal Farmer Escapes

June 23 2011 – The three murder suspects of Ottosdal farmer Andre (Brood) van der Merwe yesterday staged a mass escape with 26 others from Hartbeesfontein prison. Purely by coincidence, a nearby farm was attacked shortly thereafter: but the family fought back hard and chased the attackers off:

Mr van der Merwe was tortured to death on 20 April 2011 at his Ottosdal farm Gestoptefontein. The three suspects were denied bail on May 23 2011. Mr Van der Merwe was first shot at his backdoor, but forensic experts believe he was still alive when he was tortured: chained with one foot to his bakkie and dragged 1,5 kilometres, leaving a long blood-trail. The three black men who have now escaped are: Thabo Mathlhoko, Diphapang Paul Kwa-Kwa, 29 and Shadrack Thapelo Smith, 31 of Letsopa township. Below are their pictures:

Vd Merwe andre Brood farmer dragged behind bakkie Thabo Matlhoko Diphpang Paul KwaKwa Shadrack Thepelo Smith Beeld

Shortly after the escape on the same day, the Hartbeesfontein farm of the family Korff was attacked. It’s a bit of a coincidence. This family was attacked before and knew to fight back hard: Mr Korff was injured on an arm but their fierce defence caused the attackers to flee.

Van der Merwe Andre Brood three killer suspects mass escape Hartbeespoort Prison June 22 2011

What does a man look like after he’s been dragged behind a bakkie?

SAPS forensic photo from court records of the torture-methods used on Boer farmers in South Africa: thisman survived being stabbed repeatedly after he was dragged behind his farm-vehicle. This was the way that Ottosdal farmer André “Brood) van der Merwe was tortured on his farm Verstoptefontein on 30 April 2011 near Ottosdal. Accused are Thabo Matlhoko, Diphapang Paul Kwa-Kwa (29) and Shadrack Thapelo Smith (31) of Letsopa-township near Ottosdal. They are expected to plead not guilty to murder charges and other related crimes involving the gruesome death of the popular auctioneer/farmer André ‘Brood’ van der Merwe on his farm Gestoptefontein on 30 April 2011. The court heard that the bail-applicants were expected to plead not guilty. It was not made entirely clear why they would do this: warrant-officer Ntlhaile had listeners in the public gallery weep with grief when he read a statement by Matlhoko – describing in detail about Mr van der Merwe’s last living moments: “The accused went to Mr Van der Merwe’s home near sunset. The accused suspected that Van der Merwe had heard them fiddle with his back door: the farmer stepped outside. When Smith noticed that the deceased had a rifle with him, Smith shot him twice from behind in his neck. Mathlhoko took Van der Merwe’s rifle away from him and also fired a shot.’


It seems that this gang may have gone to ‘do their jobs’ right away as the nearby farm of the Korff family was attacked once again.

This was not the first tim this smallholding was attacked: but the family fought back hard and while Mr Korff was injured, the attackers fled.

Other farm attacks and police-brutality incidents at Hartbeesfontein

Farmer badly beaten up by cops in Hartbeesfontein 1 Dec 2010 Grobbelaar was released from hospital only yesterday — he was hospitalised after he was seriously injured by the arresting police at the Hartbeesfontein police cells after his arrest on Monday November 22.

Murder of Charl Smuts at Hartbeesfontein smallholding: we won’t be terrorised into leaving… 28 Oct 2009 HARTBEESFONTEIN/BRITS/MADIBENG — The murder of young 25-year-old Charl Smuts at a home on the property of Mr Andrew Hall in Hartbeesfontein has left family and friends deeply saddened.

Protest in Koster against murder of Marthie Erasmus, 63 and against Afrikaner genocide 16 Dec 2010 A group of armed black males attacked the Afrikaans farm couple on the farm Hartbeesfontein, in the Moedwil district of Koster, near Rustenburg North West on December 2, 2010.


Violent Communists Threaten Civil War – Violent communists threaten total chaos: ‘ we will make the city ungovernable,’ threatens communist youth league leader Nana Mnandi…

2011-06-17 Pietermaritzburg – After the office of the African National Congress party was torched Sunday, the communist-organisers of a protest march and three-week sitin in Pietermaritzburg threatened residents with chaos, that their city ‘would be made ungovernable’. They want all the ANC-councillors sacked and replaced with their own members’ choices. The communists also are behind the countrywide, very violent ‘service-delivery’ protests.

The ANC-regime has been striking back brutally against this gigantic temper-tantrum of their coalition partners: using the SA Police Force to hit back hard against the protestors who are challenging their power-base; it has become routine to fire live rounds and rubber bullets at close range directly at these protestors. The protestors also are armed. These violent reactions by the police, who have been given orders to Shoot to Kill, have cost the lives of at least three black protestors that we know of – but probably a lot more people are dying in this violence.

It’s nearly a civil war: attacks against Boer families and Black Foreigners have soared…

The country seems to be teetering on the very edge of civil war: for while the badly-overstretched SA police force members are being rushed from pillar to post to engage the armed protestors in direct combat all across the country, the heavily-armed ‘crime’-gangs are getting an increasingly free reign. The murderous attacks against Boer families in the cities and the countryside, and against black foreigners in the squatter-camps, have also increased.

Click to enlarge map left: attacks against black Foreigners since May 31 2010; map right: attacks against Boer families in towns and countryside.

Similar ‘impromptu protests’ with identical claims have also broken out in other South African regions – fuelled by communists who want to install their own office-bearers and thus strengthen the communists’ position inside the co-ruling triad in South Africa: the African National Congress, the SA Communist Party and the Cosatu trade union movement.


The communists warn of ‘further chaos’ if the ANC did not remove ‘controversial’ ANC-counsellors Alpha Shelembe and Zonke Mbatha and replace them with communists — claiming that the two ANC-councillors had set fire to the ANC offices themselves. “We will make Pietermaritzburg ungovernable,” said local communist youth-league leader Nana Mnandi, one of the activists who had been staging a sit-in at the ANC’s Moses Mabhida region offices for nearly three weeks.
Organisers of Friday’s protest included some members of the African National Congress – but most protestors were from the SA Communist Party and Congress of SA Trade Unions – (it is not uncommon for people to hold co-membership of all three ruling groups).

The marchers demanded “wholesale changes in the leadership in the Zululand Midlands”- they want all the councillors sacked.Local Cosatu secretary Zimasile Giyama said: “This is the start of something that will grow bigger if the leadership does not respond swiftly and positively on our demands.”

June 1 2011 – QaQa ANC-councillor’s home torched, Afrikaner news-team threatened with knives, iron-bars, lethal-looking snares…

A newsteam from Volksblad was threatened with knives when a large violent group of communist protestors torched an ‘unpopular’ ANC-councillor’s home on May 31 2011 in the former homeland of QaQa. Gutsy Volksblad photographer Willem van der Berg kept on photographing the scene – despite this violent in-your-face confrontation by a clearly angry youth-mob of knifemen: they also carried snares and iron-bars: their intentions clearly were not ‘peaceful’ despite their claims that it was a ‘peaceful protest.’

QwaQwa antiANC protestors threaten white journalists June 3 2011

June 10 2011 – Police fire teargas, rubber bullets in Noordgesig, Johannesburg: residents angered about power-cuts caused by massive cable-thefts…

June 10 2011 – reported by Tara Meaney & Rahima Essop- Police fired teargas and rubber bullets at protesting Noordgesig residents in Johannesburg on Friday afternoon. Residents demonstrate over power-outages caused by massive cable-thefts Police armoured personnel carriers (Nyalas) and officers on foot have been patrolling Main Road after locals burnt tyres and disrupted traffic in the area.Teargas canisters were discharged during peak hour traffic as authorities tried to disperse the crowds. Sporadic rubber bullet shots could be heard as protesters clutched their throats in panic.Johannesburg City Power said the extended outages in Noordgesig were caused by ‘damaged cables and attempted thefts.’City Power’s Louis Pieterse said, “We were out there this morning for about four hours talking to the community and just calming them down a bit, talking about the challenges and how we intend addressing them.” (Edited by Dennis Georgiannis)

June 9 2011 – Thembalihle Lenasia squatters stone cars, burn tyres on K43 road…

Demanding free electricity and government-housing, residents of Thembalihle started blocking the K43 highway, pelting motorists with stones.W/o Kay Makhubela said ‘a small group of residents sang struggle songs, blocking roads from about 3am. Police arrived at 4am.“The police are here monitoring the situation. No shots have been fired and no one has been arrested,” Makhubela said.Johannesburg Metro police spokesman Wayne Minnaar advised motorists to avoid the K43 and rather make use of the Golden Highway.

June 8 2011 – two rioters killed with live bullets by SA cops…

KwaDakuza, KZN – Two people were killed by live rounds, the SAPF director Phindile Radebe has confirmed on June 8 2011. Rumours were that the two men were killed by ‘rival taxi associations’ security guards. However police also fired live rounds and rubber bullets, she said.The vicious rioting started Monday-morning after fares rose from R4.50 to R7. Protesters said the taxis ‘kicked out the buses a few years ago, and now cannot transport that many people.And the Indian-owned bus companies’ fares also were more reasonable, protestors now say. The R102 between the Shakaskraal and Gledhow off-ramps remained closed to traffic.Two cars, a truck and a police officer’s home were torched. Police rescued the occupants of the truck but the contents, furniture and paint, were burnt –

Andries Tatane’s Moment of death: frozen in time by brilliant photographer Willem van den Berg…


April 14 2011 – Andries Tatane, unarmed clean-water activist, shot dead by two SAPS bullets, Ficksburg, FS – in front of news cameras…

25 April 2011 FICKSBURG FS – The SABC photographer who filmed the entire scene which recorded the way in which a large group of black SA policemen assaulted and beat up peaceful, unarmed ‘clean-water’ activitist Andries Tatane has told City Press newspaper that he heard the words: “Shoot him” ring out – and then Tatane suddenly collapsed with blood spurting from his chest and died shortly thereafter. Two rubber bullets were recovered from Andries Tatane’s chest. They had been fired from very close-range by one of the police-officers who surrounded the armed black teacher.

2011-04-18 Ficksburg – Volksblad journalist/photographer Willem van der Berg, who also took the powerful photographs which recorded Tatane’s death while he was being cradled by his anguished friend Molefi Nonyane, also was the first one to reveal that two rubber-bullets were removed from the chest of Tatane (34). Tatane was murdered in front of the cameras during a demonstration in which many thousands of local residents had marched to demand clean water delivery by the municipality on April 14 . (source: Volksblad: Willem van der Berg)

Eight SAPS members of Bloemfontein were arrested and have since been released on a mere R2,000 bail: two are expected to be tried for murdering Tatane, the others for assault with the intent to cause serious injury. The Independent Complaints directorate’s managing director Francois Beukman immediately confirmed the Sunday after the shooting that the police-officers were identified by witnesses and that the investigative task-team had questioned 14 police officers from Saturday-afternoon after the forensic examination revealed the bullets.

Andries Tatane: struck by two rubber bullets, fired up close: frozen in time by brilliant Volksblad photographer Willem van den Berg…

Tatane Andries Shot at close range by police Ficksburg collapses and dies Pic Willem van der Berg Volksblad – The unarmed man was brutally beaten by a large number of police officers who surrounded hm from all sides before he was shot. both pictures were taken by Volksblad photographer WILLEM VAN DER BERG.

You Tube:

‘ White males carried a heavy burden of military duty between 17 and 55 years of age ‘

White SADF soldiers not war vets: ANC

June 5 2011. Intense anger has erupted amongst the many tens of thousands of white, pre-1994 SADF veterans who fought from the age of 17 to 55 years in the fierce South African border wars  against armed, communist infiltration.

The  communist ANC-regime now refuses to qualify white ex-soldiers as  ‘’ war veterans’.  They will get no benefits, no access to badly needed free health care….

The veterans are planning to ask Afriforum to sue the communist-ANC regime in the Constitutional Court about the issue. (to join the class-action law-suit write to: )

The overwhelming majority of white South African males were required to serve in the Defence Force from the age of 17 to 55 years before 1994: the first two years were intensive military training, thereafter they had to serve another six years (720 days) in the Standing  force.

The majority of these men today remain inordinately proud of their military skills and successes: they did their duty  which was to defend their country and all its people from armed invasion and – aggression. Many of these  soldiers also know that they were winning the border-wars: but are bitter about the fact that the National-Party politicians had sold out this finely-honed fighting force in a political cop-out  and handed them over – unarmed – to their enemies:


Long years of military service

Many of these many tens of thousands of white male draftees today are traumatised and permanently disabled from their long years of  military service – their veterans-association has a list of 7,500 totally destitute , physically-disabled white war-vets who need help now.

Yet these white men will not be eligible for any benefits under the new Military Veterans Act, says ANC-deputy-minister Thabang Makwetla – who confirmed his black-racist approach by adding that the white soldiers ‘were not disadvantaged by doing military service and are not entitled to state-benefits…’

Afrikaans journalist Pieter du Toit recorded his comment in ‘Die Burger’  newspaper, quoting Makwetla ‘s comments to the defence portfolio committee in parliament.  His spokesman Ntime Skhosana, asked for further clarification,  also showed the present regime’s black-racist prejudicial views when he said: “remember that (white) military draftees only had to serve two years and then were discharged to go back to their universities or get jobs…they were never disadvantaged by military service…’   He implied that they  had it easy.

However the veterans’ official representative, ret. Lt-Gen Godfrey Giles, who chairs their veterans’ organisation, reportedly was  ‘shattered’ by the decision to exclude white males from the benefits system under the new Military Veterans Act.  He also is the deputy chair for the umbrella body, the SA Military veterans’ association.

He said his organisation has a database of 7,500 destitute, white military veterans who are in urgent need of medical and financial help  – right now.  The ANC-regime’s proposed new Military Veterans’ Act would provide a wide range of help to the communist-regime’s own war-vets: the blacks who fought for Umkhonto we Sizwe and the Azanian Peoples’ Liberation Army. This help would include health care and pension benefits – black South Africans already receive a wide range of such benefit at the moment, while whites are excluded.

Yet Makwetla now claims that these white veterans – who were drafted into military service – would also be excluded from these benefit-packages.  Giles slammed Makwetla’s claim as ‘absolute rubbish and noted: “the subject was not even mentioned in the consulation process and shows a very weak knowledge of the genuine needs of these ex-soldiers, many of whom fought hard in defence of their country in the South African border-wars.  The needs of these white war-vets is indeed very great: many now sleep at bus-stops and live in squatter-camps’.

The handful of white South African males indeed carried a very heavy burden of military duty before 1994: they received their first callups at the age of 17 for basic training camps which lasted two years. And for a full six years thereafter, white males also had to serve a total 720 days in the Standing forces. From the age of 17 to 55, white males were obligated to do military duty of some kind:  most white males spent most of their weekends away on military- or commando-duties.

Once they reached the age of 55, many also continued this duty to their country by unpaid volunteer service in the Active Civilian Militias and in the local military  commando units. Nevertheless, these soldiers had it easy and were never ‘disadvantaged by military service’, said Makwetla: and confirmed that their latest anti-white law is being drawn up with the understanding that  ‘none of the pre-1994 military draftees ‘were considered to be members of the Active defence force and would therefore excluded from the legal definition of ‘military veterans’. They were ‘still taking further legal advice on the matter,’ he claimed.

‘ White males carried a heavy burden of military duty between 17 and 55 years of age ‘

‘ White males carried a heavy burden of military duty between 17 and 55 years of age ‘

The pre-1994 South African Defence Force:

At the age of 17, they were called up for two-year military training – and for twelve years thereafter, they were obligated to serve another 720 days in the Standing SA Defence Force of that time. After this active military-service, all white South African males had the option of serving another five years in the Active Civilian Force. They still were also called up for 12 days active duty in the Commando units which protected their own regions. The official government viewpoint noted that ‘the SA Defence Force is a civilian militia .’  White males were obligated to do military duty; non-whites volunteered: such as the Afrikaans-speaking Khoi-San volunteer soldiers of the Cape Corps, an infantry batallion – who excelled in their military actions in Namibia and in the SA Navy.  The first volunteer unit for black soldiers, 21st bn, was launched in 1974 at Lenz near Johannesburg.  The SA Defence Force also served as Allied soldiers during the two World Wars and in the Korean war. South Africa also created Armscorps, its own military-industrial complex to help pay for its defence budget, which by 1987 had soared to R5,000-m – 13.7% of its total expenditure.

(source: ‘This is South Africa’, ISBN 0-7970-0654-0, Jan 1987 Perskor, for Dept of Information)