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Red Guards Public Torture Humiliation Trials

Marxist demonisation of boers continues

The 4 Afrikaner students were forced to plead guilty at a ‘reconciliation ceremony’ for committing the ‘crime’ of wanting to exercise their free speech –

Red Guards Public Torture Humiliation Trials

After a costly show trial, their future in ruins, the four politically-naive youths who had made an anti-integrationist protest video for their debating society, then were subjected to this humilating Reconciliation ceremony’ which seems to be very similar to the Red Guards’ public trials where innocent people were demonised, forced to ‘confess’ — and their families suffered years of systematic harassment and abuse, were barred from holding down jobs, suffered seizure of property, denial of medical attention and erasure of their identity… The Reitz-Four show-trial kicked of the demonisation campaign against the entire Afrikaner nation. ‘

Is there any difference between the ‘Reconciliation Ceremony’ of the ANC-regime, and the Confession Purge Trials of the Red Guards?

June 24 2011 – The four young Afrikaner students never killed anyone, never injured anyone, never threatened anyone, never stole anything – yet they were sentenced to six months in prison for using their rights to free speech by making a video for their debating society. The black workers who appeared in their hoax ‘anti-integration protest video’ all knew it was supposed to be a joke, on the video they were seen to participate willingly and did not look humiliated – yet the four politically-naive Afrikaans students who made the video, managed to kick off a countrywide demonisation campaign of the entire Afrikaner nation. The initial media-interviews with the workers also showed that they were puzzled about all the fuss: but after long talks with local ANC-cadres, they soon changed their stories and said they were ‘forced to participate in the racist video; and that they were deeply humiliated’.

In 2007, the nightmare started for the Reitz residence students R.C. Malherbe, Johnny Roberts, Schalk van der Merwe and Danie Grobler, from left to right. on this picture by Their Constitional rights to free speech apparently were not given any chance to be tested in a court of law: instead they had to plead guilty to crimen injuria in July 2010 and were each fined to a very hefty R20,000 or 12 months’ in jail. if they couldn’t afford the fines They were also sentenced to a further six months imprisonment, suspended for five years on ‘certain conditions’. This week, the fines for Van der Merwe and Malherbe were reduced to R10,000 each, that of Roberts and Grobler to R15,000 each. If they fail to pay their fines they must appear in court on July 25 2011 to be given an prison sentence. The two-judge panel also struck out the additional sentence of six months imprisonment.

Reitz students 2007 RC Malherbe Johnny Roberts Schalk VD Merwe Danie Grobler Suspended Six Month Prison For An Innocent Hoax

They were made to stand up at a ‘reconciliation ceremony”- where the four Afrikaner men had to say that they had ‘failed the workers and now knew that their conduct had hurt them: ‘With true remorse and humility, we ask you to forgive us,” Grobler said on their behalf. This sentence of course also also means that these young men now have a criminal record – they will never be able to obtain a visum to emigrate and to try and settle anywhere else in the world. They will never be able to complete their higher education in South Africa either.

They were made to appear in front of the entire university staff, the student body and all the black workers, and were made to bow down to them all and apologise in a sonamed ‘Reconciliation Ceremony’. Clever name for just another Marxist-style purge-trial. After this public humiliation the four youths were given their ‘reduced sentence’ by Free State judges M H Rampai and M B Molemela – suspended for five years.

A six-month prison sentence for young white males is a slow Aids-death sentence

To the rest of the world, a six-month prison sentence does not sound excessive: however for handsome white youths – and especially these particular world-famous four males – it would mean a slow, tortuous death sentence: their inevitable fate would be to be subjected a daily hell of sodomy every day by AIDS-infected criminals – a daily torture from which they would not be able to escape:

Wimpie, a white boy who was dabbling with dagga, is put in our cell. I don’t know how old he really is, perhaps 16 or more, but he looks no older than 14, with skinny arms and short, spiky-crowned, brown hair. He tries to fight, and so they hit him. His resistance stops abruptly when one grabs the back of his head and smashes his face into the steel bars …The 20 men take it in turns to rape him. It goes on for more than eight hours, almost the whole night. The boy does everything he can, in his pathetic, limited range of action, to try to deter them, but he is ignored. He screams, he cries, he begs, he tries to bargain, he prays.It is in the morning, though, that I am forced to see what life has coughed up before me. What’s left of Wimpie is lying in a corridor between the bunks, just in front of my bed. He is still naked, shivering in a pool of his own blood where they have discarded him. I will literally have to step over the small body to go and eat my breakfast.” ‘Sexual practices in South African prisons from a perspective of Christian ethics’: rev Frank Shayi, 2008 thesus towards PhD: University of Pretoria;

Thus their lives, that of their families, and every other Afrikaner’s future has been permanently ruined by the anti-Afrikaner demonisation-propaganda campaign which was launched immediately after the publication on You Tube of an edited version of their video — which also left out some very important details. The video was made by the students as an expression of their freedom of speech: it was made not for publication on YouTube, but only for a debating society subject: showing the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of forced racial integration at the Reitz residence of the — then overwhelmingly Afrikaans — University of the Free State.

The video showed the residence’s long-time workers – who for years were fondly referred to as ‘squeezas‘ by the students — in which the workers were seen to willingly participate, with much laughter and play-acting. The workers appeared to enjoy participating in the fake-initiation ceremonies of drinking beer and eating food supposedly (but not really) laced with human waste; they are seen to enjoy playng rugby with the youths. These workers all were adults: they weren’t forced or coerced into participating. At no point in the video were they seen to object. They could have walked away any time.

On the video these students – admittedly very politically-naive adolescents – copied the university’s standard initiation practice at the residences: which was to pour a yellow liquid which they claimed awas ‘urine’ into some beer and into mashed up, icky-looking but edible foods and pretend to force the ‘initiates’ to eat it and lying about its contents. the Reitz students said at their trial they didn’t use urine or any other kind of human waste: the original video did show them squeezing some orange-squash into the bottle before pouring it into the food. The edited clip did not show this important little detail. When this edited version of the clip was shown on YouTube — as such things inevitably are these days – the ANC-establishment’s propaganda machine immediately went into full gear.

The demonising propaganda-campaign resonated all over the world. It’s was admittedly stupid and certainly in the current political climate, a very naive thing for those Afrikaner youths to do: they were shocked and angry when they made it in protest at the news they’d just heard that they were being forced to integrate at their residence. They knew the cultural shock would be immense: they objected to the changes it would bring for them. The video was shown at the debating society about the issue: obviously the boys were against: and thus were expressing their right to their own opinions.

The Afrikaners do not have Free Speech Rights

Their defence counsel apparently failed to emphasize their democratic rights to free speech enough during their show trial. The youths were punished excessively for daring to object to forced integration – together with the entire Afrikaner nation. This should have been tested under the South African Constition’s rights to free speech clause: the video also was a protest against what these four young Afrikaners personally felt was the political suppression they were being subjected to as Afrikaners by the ANC/SA Communist Party/Cosatu regime.

In the four-year-long trumped-up ‘public outrage’ which followed, these four young men first were first kicked off university. That was just the start: hundreds of other Afrikaans students also were also physically attacked and publicly demonised on campuses all over South Africa in a countrywide campaign. Every Afrikaner was made to suffer: starting with the management of the university, which was replaced with a ‘politically correct’ group of educators.

After their show trial, the students were made to stand up and humiliate themselves by apologising for their ‘crime’ in front of the full contingent of University staffers, the student body and the faculty — with the held-out promise that they would then not have to spend six months in prison: which is a slow AIDS-death sentence for young white males…

Public Communist Show Trials

Red Guards Public Torture Humiliation Trials

This public demonisation and humiliation of the four Afrikaners was a clear warning: toe the Party line or this would happen to you. This is very reminiscent of the ‘Red Guard’ public trials of millions of people in Communist China during the Cultural Revolution: when anyone identified by the ‘youth of China’ as an enemy, were subjected to a humiliating public trial by the children. Adults were made to publicly ‘confess’ to ‘crimes’ they had never committed, they were demonised in public show trials. Their families also suffered years of systematic harassment and abuse, seizure of property, denial of medical attention, and erasure of their social identity. In the trial of the so-called Gang of Four – the Communist leaders who launched the Red Guard movement — a Chinese court stated that 729,511 people were persecuted, of which 34,800 were said to have died through torture or suicide. However record-keeping did not exist in those years: all public services such as law courts, policing and schools had ceased during the Cultural Revolution. The Red Guards themselves then were also punished by sending thousands of them to farms to ‘undergo re-education.’

Ever since the Reitz incident, South Africa’s Afrikaner scholars at High Schools and Unviersities all have to walk on eggs: since the Reitz incident, freedom of speech-rights no longer exist for Afrikaners. Many Afrikaans scholars are now also being denied a higher education in the country of their birth; they are also denied the right to be taught in their own language at most of the universities which were paid for by the taxes of their forebears. That’s what the Reitz students really were objecting to: the ongoing destruction of their cultural identity.

Under the black-economic-empowerment laws of the ANC-regime, Afrikaners are being barred from the majority public- and private-sector jobs, and the majority of their children are also denied a higher education: especially if they want to study in Afrikaans. The State has stacked the odds against them: even the brightest Afrikaans High School matriculants often are are denied access to a university education because ‘white’ student-applicants must have 90% pass-rates in their university-admission exams; while black students require less than 60%.

The original Reitz video without editing or subtitling

Introduction: “We asked our workers (squeezas) if they could teach us what it would be like at Reitz once it was integrated”, one of the students says. “We just found out that our residence has to be integrated from next year, so we asked our workers to show us the way.’ Together the workers and the students then did all the ‘student’ things: namely drinking beer together, eating junk-food; playing rugby. The ‘squeezas’ themselves were seen to cooperate enthusiastically: these adult workers knew they were participating in a play-acting farce. In one scene a student is shown secretly pouring orange-squash from a bottle into the food, and then telling the workers to eat it. “We will pretend it’s urine,’ he whispered. It was all very childish as most student pranks are. The entire farce was an ‘anti-integrationist protest video’ . The Afrikaans students were objecting to the fact that it was being forced on them: they’d been given no choice. And that was their ‘crime’. This raised the anger of the ANC-establishment.

The four Afrikaans youths’ ongoing public humiliation started when they were forced to plead guilty to a charge of crimen injuria in July 2010. This also means that none of these young men will be able to obtain a visum to emigrate and to try and settle anywhere else in the world. Crimen injuria is a very minor offence in South Africa – but these Afrikaners were given excessive sentences, namely fines of R20,000 each or 12 months in jail plus given an additional sentence of six months imprisonment – and this sentence could only be reduced only if they complied to certain conditions. What were those conditions? They were made to appear in front of the entire university staff, the student body and all the black workers, and were made to bow down and apologize.

After this public humiliation the four youths were given their ‘reduced sentence’ by Free State judges M H Rampai and M B Molemela.


Wimpie:” ‘Sexual practices in South African prisons from a perspective of Christian ethics’: rev Frank Shayi, 2008 thesus towards PhD: University of Pretoria;


Violent Communists Threaten Civil War – Violent communists threaten total chaos: ‘ we will make the city ungovernable,’ threatens communist youth league leader Nana Mnandi…

2011-06-17 Pietermaritzburg – After the office of the African National Congress party was torched Sunday, the communist-organisers of a protest march and three-week sitin in Pietermaritzburg threatened residents with chaos, that their city ‘would be made ungovernable’. They want all the ANC-councillors sacked and replaced with their own members’ choices. The communists also are behind the countrywide, very violent ‘service-delivery’ protests.

The ANC-regime has been striking back brutally against this gigantic temper-tantrum of their coalition partners: using the SA Police Force to hit back hard against the protestors who are challenging their power-base; it has become routine to fire live rounds and rubber bullets at close range directly at these protestors. The protestors also are armed. These violent reactions by the police, who have been given orders to Shoot to Kill, have cost the lives of at least three black protestors that we know of – but probably a lot more people are dying in this violence.

It’s nearly a civil war: attacks against Boer families and Black Foreigners have soared…

The country seems to be teetering on the very edge of civil war: for while the badly-overstretched SA police force members are being rushed from pillar to post to engage the armed protestors in direct combat all across the country, the heavily-armed ‘crime’-gangs are getting an increasingly free reign. The murderous attacks against Boer families in the cities and the countryside, and against black foreigners in the squatter-camps, have also increased.

Click to enlarge map left: attacks against black Foreigners since May 31 2010; map right: attacks against Boer families in towns and countryside.

Similar ‘impromptu protests’ with identical claims have also broken out in other South African regions – fuelled by communists who want to install their own office-bearers and thus strengthen the communists’ position inside the co-ruling triad in South Africa: the African National Congress, the SA Communist Party and the Cosatu trade union movement.


The communists warn of ‘further chaos’ if the ANC did not remove ‘controversial’ ANC-counsellors Alpha Shelembe and Zonke Mbatha and replace them with communists — claiming that the two ANC-councillors had set fire to the ANC offices themselves. “We will make Pietermaritzburg ungovernable,” said local communist youth-league leader Nana Mnandi, one of the activists who had been staging a sit-in at the ANC’s Moses Mabhida region offices for nearly three weeks.
Organisers of Friday’s protest included some members of the African National Congress – but most protestors were from the SA Communist Party and Congress of SA Trade Unions – (it is not uncommon for people to hold co-membership of all three ruling groups).

The marchers demanded “wholesale changes in the leadership in the Zululand Midlands”- they want all the councillors sacked.Local Cosatu secretary Zimasile Giyama said: “This is the start of something that will grow bigger if the leadership does not respond swiftly and positively on our demands.”

June 1 2011 – QaQa ANC-councillor’s home torched, Afrikaner news-team threatened with knives, iron-bars, lethal-looking snares…

A newsteam from Volksblad was threatened with knives when a large violent group of communist protestors torched an ‘unpopular’ ANC-councillor’s home on May 31 2011 in the former homeland of QaQa. Gutsy Volksblad photographer Willem van der Berg kept on photographing the scene – despite this violent in-your-face confrontation by a clearly angry youth-mob of knifemen: they also carried snares and iron-bars: their intentions clearly were not ‘peaceful’ despite their claims that it was a ‘peaceful protest.’

QwaQwa antiANC protestors threaten white journalists June 3 2011

June 10 2011 – Police fire teargas, rubber bullets in Noordgesig, Johannesburg: residents angered about power-cuts caused by massive cable-thefts…

June 10 2011 – reported by Tara Meaney & Rahima Essop- Police fired teargas and rubber bullets at protesting Noordgesig residents in Johannesburg on Friday afternoon. Residents demonstrate over power-outages caused by massive cable-thefts Police armoured personnel carriers (Nyalas) and officers on foot have been patrolling Main Road after locals burnt tyres and disrupted traffic in the area.Teargas canisters were discharged during peak hour traffic as authorities tried to disperse the crowds. Sporadic rubber bullet shots could be heard as protesters clutched their throats in panic.Johannesburg City Power said the extended outages in Noordgesig were caused by ‘damaged cables and attempted thefts.’City Power’s Louis Pieterse said, “We were out there this morning for about four hours talking to the community and just calming them down a bit, talking about the challenges and how we intend addressing them.” (Edited by Dennis Georgiannis)

June 9 2011 – Thembalihle Lenasia squatters stone cars, burn tyres on K43 road…

Demanding free electricity and government-housing, residents of Thembalihle started blocking the K43 highway, pelting motorists with stones.W/o Kay Makhubela said ‘a small group of residents sang struggle songs, blocking roads from about 3am. Police arrived at 4am.“The police are here monitoring the situation. No shots have been fired and no one has been arrested,” Makhubela said.Johannesburg Metro police spokesman Wayne Minnaar advised motorists to avoid the K43 and rather make use of the Golden Highway.

June 8 2011 – two rioters killed with live bullets by SA cops…

KwaDakuza, KZN – Two people were killed by live rounds, the SAPF director Phindile Radebe has confirmed on June 8 2011. Rumours were that the two men were killed by ‘rival taxi associations’ security guards. However police also fired live rounds and rubber bullets, she said.The vicious rioting started Monday-morning after fares rose from R4.50 to R7. Protesters said the taxis ‘kicked out the buses a few years ago, and now cannot transport that many people.And the Indian-owned bus companies’ fares also were more reasonable, protestors now say. The R102 between the Shakaskraal and Gledhow off-ramps remained closed to traffic.Two cars, a truck and a police officer’s home were torched. Police rescued the occupants of the truck but the contents, furniture and paint, were burnt –

Andries Tatane’s Moment of death: frozen in time by brilliant photographer Willem van den Berg…


April 14 2011 – Andries Tatane, unarmed clean-water activist, shot dead by two SAPS bullets, Ficksburg, FS – in front of news cameras…

25 April 2011 FICKSBURG FS – The SABC photographer who filmed the entire scene which recorded the way in which a large group of black SA policemen assaulted and beat up peaceful, unarmed ‘clean-water’ activitist Andries Tatane has told City Press newspaper that he heard the words: “Shoot him” ring out – and then Tatane suddenly collapsed with blood spurting from his chest and died shortly thereafter. Two rubber bullets were recovered from Andries Tatane’s chest. They had been fired from very close-range by one of the police-officers who surrounded the armed black teacher.

2011-04-18 Ficksburg – Volksblad journalist/photographer Willem van der Berg, who also took the powerful photographs which recorded Tatane’s death while he was being cradled by his anguished friend Molefi Nonyane, also was the first one to reveal that two rubber-bullets were removed from the chest of Tatane (34). Tatane was murdered in front of the cameras during a demonstration in which many thousands of local residents had marched to demand clean water delivery by the municipality on April 14 . (source: Volksblad: Willem van der Berg)

Eight SAPS members of Bloemfontein were arrested and have since been released on a mere R2,000 bail: two are expected to be tried for murdering Tatane, the others for assault with the intent to cause serious injury. The Independent Complaints directorate’s managing director Francois Beukman immediately confirmed the Sunday after the shooting that the police-officers were identified by witnesses and that the investigative task-team had questioned 14 police officers from Saturday-afternoon after the forensic examination revealed the bullets.

Andries Tatane: struck by two rubber bullets, fired up close: frozen in time by brilliant Volksblad photographer Willem van den Berg…

Tatane Andries Shot at close range by police Ficksburg collapses and dies Pic Willem van der Berg Volksblad – The unarmed man was brutally beaten by a large number of police officers who surrounded hm from all sides before he was shot. both pictures were taken by Volksblad photographer WILLEM VAN DER BERG.

You Tube: