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Van der Merwe Andre Brood three killer suspects mass escape Hartbeespoort Prison June 22 2011

Killer Suspects Of Ottosdal Farmer Escapes

June 23 2011 – The three murder suspects of Ottosdal farmer Andre (Brood) van der Merwe yesterday staged a mass escape with 26 others from Hartbeesfontein prison. Purely by coincidence, a nearby farm was attacked shortly thereafter: but the family fought back hard and chased the attackers off:

Mr van der Merwe was tortured to death on 20 April 2011 at his Ottosdal farm Gestoptefontein. The three suspects were denied bail on May 23 2011. Mr Van der Merwe was first shot at his backdoor, but forensic experts believe he was still alive when he was tortured: chained with one foot to his bakkie and dragged 1,5 kilometres, leaving a long blood-trail. The three black men who have now escaped are: Thabo Mathlhoko, Diphapang Paul Kwa-Kwa, 29 and Shadrack Thapelo Smith, 31 of Letsopa township. Below are their pictures:

Vd Merwe andre Brood farmer dragged behind bakkie Thabo Matlhoko Diphpang Paul KwaKwa Shadrack Thepelo Smith Beeld

Shortly after the escape on the same day, the Hartbeesfontein farm of the family Korff was attacked. It’s a bit of a coincidence. This family was attacked before and knew to fight back hard: Mr Korff was injured on an arm but their fierce defence caused the attackers to flee.

Van der Merwe Andre Brood three killer suspects mass escape Hartbeespoort Prison June 22 2011

What does a man look like after he’s been dragged behind a bakkie?

SAPS forensic photo from court records of the torture-methods used on Boer farmers in South Africa: thisman survived being stabbed repeatedly after he was dragged behind his farm-vehicle. This was the way that Ottosdal farmer André “Brood) van der Merwe was tortured on his farm Verstoptefontein on 30 April 2011 near Ottosdal. Accused are Thabo Matlhoko, Diphapang Paul Kwa-Kwa (29) and Shadrack Thapelo Smith (31) of Letsopa-township near Ottosdal. They are expected to plead not guilty to murder charges and other related crimes involving the gruesome death of the popular auctioneer/farmer André ‘Brood’ van der Merwe on his farm Gestoptefontein on 30 April 2011. The court heard that the bail-applicants were expected to plead not guilty. It was not made entirely clear why they would do this: warrant-officer Ntlhaile had listeners in the public gallery weep with grief when he read a statement by Matlhoko – describing in detail about Mr van der Merwe’s last living moments: “The accused went to Mr Van der Merwe’s home near sunset. The accused suspected that Van der Merwe had heard them fiddle with his back door: the farmer stepped outside. When Smith noticed that the deceased had a rifle with him, Smith shot him twice from behind in his neck. Mathlhoko took Van der Merwe’s rifle away from him and also fired a shot.’


It seems that this gang may have gone to ‘do their jobs’ right away as the nearby farm of the Korff family was attacked once again.

This was not the first tim this smallholding was attacked: but the family fought back hard and while Mr Korff was injured, the attackers fled.

Other farm attacks and police-brutality incidents at Hartbeesfontein

Farmer badly beaten up by cops in Hartbeesfontein 1 Dec 2010 Grobbelaar was released from hospital only yesterday — he was hospitalised after he was seriously injured by the arresting police at the Hartbeesfontein police cells after his arrest on Monday November 22.

Murder of Charl Smuts at Hartbeesfontein smallholding: we won’t be terrorised into leaving… 28 Oct 2009 HARTBEESFONTEIN/BRITS/MADIBENG — The murder of young 25-year-old Charl Smuts at a home on the property of Mr Andrew Hall in Hartbeesfontein has left family and friends deeply saddened.

Protest in Koster against murder of Marthie Erasmus, 63 and against Afrikaner genocide 16 Dec 2010 A group of armed black males attacked the Afrikaans farm couple on the farm Hartbeesfontein, in the Moedwil district of Koster, near Rustenburg North West on December 2, 2010.

Mrs Martie Grobler stabbed to death Glentana George farm June 13 2011

Martie Grobler killed, Glentana farm George

Martie Grobler, 59, murdered on Laer Hoogekraal farm, Glentana, George

2011-06-13 — George, South Africa – Mrs Martie Grobler, 59, who lived in a rental homestead on the Laer Hoogekraal farm at Glentana near George, was found stabbed to death at 8am Monday-morning. She had numerous stabbing wounds. They have no motive yet. She may or may not have had a cellphone stolen. Mrs Grobler was last seen alive by the owners of the farm, said police – who were notified and went to investigate after Mrs Grobler had failed to show up on Monday-morning to pick up the members of her ridealong club to work. It’s not known where she worked. and
Mrs Martie Grobler stabbed to death Glentana George farm June 13 2011

Mrs Martie Grobler stabbed to death Glentana George farm June 13 2011 – recent postings on Grobler and/or Groblersdal:

Mrs Martie Grobler, 59, murdered, Laer Hoogekraal farm Glentana George Martie Grobler, 59, murdered on Laer Hoogekraal farm, Glentana, George 2011-06-13  Mon Jun 13 2011 8:00:00 am
Prins, John, farmer and wife;Breedt, Sarel, all 3 shot dead, Groblersdal Pretoria – Groblersdal farmer John Prins was shot dead by two robbers on Friday morning. Police said Prins and his wife were leaving their house to look for their dogs when they were ambushed. Fri Jan 19 2007 1:02:00 am
Grobler, Chris and Lloyd Eugene farm assault Kroonstad March2010 – Assault charges dropped against Kroonstad farmer Chris Grobler and foreman Eugene Lloyd – lack of evidence 010-06-16 Volksblad journalist Johan Brits reports from Koppies magistrate’ …  Mon Mar 15 2010
Grobler, Flip and Pop, brutally attacked by three knifemen, Klopperbos farm Hammanskraal Flip, 72, and Pop Grobler, 70, brutalised in farm attack Klopperbos Hammanskraal (source: Gerhard Pretorius, Beeld). Sun Apr 17 2011 11:15:00 am
Grobler, Lodie, Afrikaner shop mgr. Ladybrand, stabbed to death berserker black worker – Lodie Grobler, 27, Cambridge Wholesalers manager, Ladybrand, stabbed to death by berserker worker Jan14_2011 Fri Jan 14 2011 1:34:00 am
Grobler Hendrik, 35, paralysed from brutal beating by 3 black cops Gezina garage Boilermaker Hendrik Grobler, 35: ‘ I twice told the cop I could not lie down on the floor because of recent back surgery. He pointed his gun, threatening to shoot me if I didn’t … Thu Apr 21 2011 1:12:00 am
Grobler, Ignatius Michael, Club 40 manager, murdered by cop-gang which is still working Reign of terror targets whites from police-stations: A judge who jailed Sasolburg Club 40 manager Ignatius Michael Grobler’s killer this week is worried: Judge C J Musi noted that the majority of police officers arrested for armed attacks against white smallholdings in this region, ‘are still at work’ … Sat Jun 4 2011

Incidents in this general region:

Land occupation attempt Mossel Bay Western Cape June 28-July 2 2010 Mossel Bay Jul 2 2010
Murderer/Rapist of farm child Marike Jansen, 11, denied bail: Helping Hand campaign Riversdal SoetmelksfonteinSouth Africa Jul 21 2010
Plettenberg Bay pupil stabs, injures fellow pupil, 17 July 21 2010 Plettenberg Bay Jul 23 2010
George, garden route botanical garden: dad and small son, 3, found dead with wounds George Garden Route Botanical Garden Aug 2 2010
Smit, Jan and Elizabeth, tortured to death Jongensfontein smallholding Stilbaai PICTURE


Jan and Susan Malan were murdered at their Mooilande Vereeniging smallholding after police ignored death threat June 11 2011

Boer couple murdered: police ignored death threats

Jan and Susan Malan, 64 and 60, hacked and stabbed to death, Mooilande smallholdings, Vereeniging: she worked as a clerk at Children’s Court; he was a retired police officer.

NOTHING ROBBED –  not even their car which still had their keys in it. Her  handbag was found next to her body, his wallet was still atop the kitchen cupboard with the bagged groceries. Mrs Malan worked as a clerk at the Children’s Court, he was a retired police officer. The couple got a death threat through their maid; their dogs were poisoned a week earlier — police refused to investigate their formal complaint:

Maid received warning at church that her employers ‘would be next’ after dogs were poisoned:

The mutilated bodies of Jan Malan, 64, and his wife Susan, 60, were found on the Mooilande-smallholdings outside Vereeniging: hacked and knifed to death with a hatchet. The Monday before they were murdered, the retired police officer was turned away from the Groendenne Satellite police station: he tried to have police investigate a death-threat he and his wife had received through their maid, and they also wanted to report that some of their dogs were poisoned.

  • They were murdered on Saturday June 11 2011: ambushed as they were carrying their groceries inside their homestead. NOTHING WAS STOLEN, not even their blue Toyota Corolla car; nor their legal guns locked inside the legally-registered gunsafe, nor their wallets or her handbag: it was lying right next to her mutilated body, her face covered by a scarf, when the couple were found.

Mrs Malan had worked as a clerk for the past 20 years at the Children’s  court. Her throat was sliced right through; when found her face was covered up by a scarf; her husband was stabbed in the left-side of his body with a knife and had hatchet-wounds to his face and head.

Maid found her employers murdered:

Minette McLchlan, eldest daughter of murdered Malan couple, consoling her son Jedian, 13

Minette McLchlan, eldest daughter of murdered Malan couple, consoling her son Jedian, 13

Their eldest daughter Mrs Minetta McLachlan, 39, said her parents’ neighbours were alerted by the (unnamed) maid: “she wanted to fetch the laundry from their house and found my parents’ bodies.” ‘ Mrs McLachlan phoned her sister Mrs Maryke Mortagua (33) and the daughters rushed to their parental home and waited outside while son-in-law Ian McLachlan, 43, went inside the homestead. ” Ian said the house was very dark. A scarf covered Mrs Malan’s face and he saw headwounds on Mr Malan’s face,’ said the neighbour to the Beeld journalist. Mr McLachlan also said two more of the couple’s dogs, including yorkshire-terrier Zack, were also found poisoned on Saturday – after their other dogs were poisoned the previous Monday. visual:

Two friends from the Vanderbijlpark Police Station accompanied Mr Malan to the smallholding and the men verified that they had found ‘countless bones covered in (two-step) poison. Someone then warned their housekeeper at her church that the Malan couple ‘would be next’, but when Mr Malan tried to lodge a formal charge at the Groendenne-satellite police station, he was turned away ‘due to jurisdiction problems’.The Malan couple then hired a security guard to look after the homestead during the nights until Thursday, when laser-alarms were installed around the smallholding’s erf.”We presumed that someone would try and kill my parents at night, not during the daytime,’ Mrs McLachlan said.

Who overheard Mrs Malan tell her daughter about her shopping plans?

“My mom and I spoke Friday-night by phone and she said they wanted to go shopping on Saturday. The attackers broke a window to get inside the homestead, and ambushed my parents when they returned from shopping. They were attacked when they were carrying their groceries inside from  their blue Toyota Corolla . “My father’s wallet was untouched:  on the kitchen cupboard together with the groceries. My mother ‘s habit always was to first put her handbag in the bedroom: her handbag was found next to her body in the hallway,’ said the grieving daughter.

Malan couple murdered: family weeping, June 11 2011 Mooilande Vereenigingooilande_Vereeniging

Malan couple murdered: family weeping, June 11 2011 Mooilande Vereenigingooilande_Vereeniging

The police were unable to say ‘whether anything was stolen but the house was turned upside down, the couple’s handguns were inside their registered gun-safe and their car was not stolen’. SAPF CONSTABLE Teboho Lephoto claimed that ‘it will be investigated why Mr Malan was turned away from the police station when he tried to lodge a charge’.The police also claimed that they ‘questioned two youths who were seen in the vicinity of Deneysville’.

My personal comment: Nobody said anything about the fact that someone very close-by, a person in a position of trust, must have overheard Mrs Malan when she told her daughter by telephone that the couple ‘would go shopping Saturday.