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Bekker farm couple murdered: Heidelberg

Bekker farm couple murdered: Heidelberg, July 1 5pm two suspects’ case postponed to August 12 Heidelberg magistrate’s court…

July 1 2011 – Martiens Bekker, 68, a farm-foreman, and wife Charlotte Bekker, 60, were stabbed to death while tied up, farm Houtpoort N3 highway Heidelberg July 1 2011. The murder case against two arrested black male attackers was postponed to August 12 in the Heidelberg magistrate’s court.

Bekker  couple flanked by their children murdered Sat July 2 2011

Bekker couple flanked by their children murdered - Sat July 2, 2011

Retired school teacher Charlotte Bekker, 60, left, was tied to a chair and then frantically stabbed to death; husband Martiens, 68, right, was found with numerous stab wounds on the bedroom floor of their rented farm-house. LtCol Lungelo Dlamini said the double-murder case against Solomon Dlamini, 31, and Petrus Motloung, 31, was postponed to August 12 for trial.

2011-07-02 Two black men were arrested a day after the double-murders of farming-foreman Martiens and Charlotte Bekker, a retired teacher, stabbed to death inside their homestead on the farm Houtpoort next to the N3 highway near Heidelberg, South Africa. Their bodies were tied up and there were numerous stabbing wounds. Their Volkswagen Polo was taken as a getaway vehicle but the attackers crashed it. The double-murders were discovered after personnel from a vehicle-recovery service came across the wreck – and discovered Mr Bekker’s cellphone inside. They contacted the number given for Mr Bekker’s daughter Annalene le Roux, whereafter her husband Chris went to the homestead and discovered his in-laws mutilated bodies. It appears as if the attackers gained access to the humble homestead by breaking open a glass-door, despite the presence of four large dogs. Daughter in law ngee le Roux,and son Theo said they are still trying to determine what was stolen and exactly what happened. It appears as if a rifle could have been stolen and wallets, as well as a computer which was linked to the security-cameras monitoring the farm compound. Valueable articles such as TV set were untouched. The interior of the farm was ‘turned over’ and vandalised. Mr Bekker was found next to the open gun-safe with stabbing wounds. Mrs Bekker was tied to a chair and was stabbed. Farm owner André van Rooyen claims that there is ‘no history of violent crime in the region but are worried that it is increasing.’ Mr Bekker was the farm-manager and Mrs Bekker was a retired school-teacher. Each had been married before: Mr Bekker leaves a son and daughter and Mrs Bekker three sons; both from their previous marriages.

Source – Rapport
Source – News24

Bekker farm couple murdered


Paarl not safe from violent criminals – Hilda Verster, 93, murdered in Paarl; Whites blamed for Baragwanath hospital problems; ANC-thieves in Harrismith run a toilet-farm: selling plots meant for poor-black housing for R12,000 each…

Mrs Hilda Verster, 93, murdered, son stabbed, two knifemen, Hospitaal Street, Paarl

2011-07 Die Burger Journalist Jan Gerber writes on July 13 2011 that the mutilated, tied-up body of the elderly Mrs Hilda Verster was found in her home at Hospitaal Street 63 in Paarl. Nothing appears to be stolen.

Her 63-year-old son Izak Verster found her body after he was also ambushed and stabbed by two knifemen when he stopped by his mother’s house at 15:30.

Her hands were tied with a leather belt; a rag was pushed into her mouth.Mr Verster was attacked by the two knifemen storming from her house with one screaming to the other: ‘stab him, stab him’.He was stabbed in the back and arms. Neighours said she lived with her deaf son Francois, and he ate lunch with her between noon and 1pm. Warrant officer November Filander of the local police says it is suspected that she was murdered between 14:30 and 15:30.

Mr Izak Verster was in the area at the time to do a course: he actually lives in Pietersburg. The two knifemen fled and have not been arrested. Mr Verster was treated in hospital and discharged last night.Neighbours described Mrs Verster as ‘an angel on earth’ who despite her advanced years, was very active, liked to garden and made her own food. Son in law Dawid Conradie of Somerset-Wes, who was on the scene the same night, said the family was very shocked. It appears as if nothing was stolen from the house.He is married to Anne-Marie, Mrs Verster’s daughter. – Die Burger

Other violent-crime in Paarl-Stellenbosch region

70-plus people killed on Western Cape farms since 2001 – list of names

Many people labour under the false impression that violent crime is absent in the rural villages of the Western Cape such as Paarl. However, in the Western Cape there have been more than 70 people killed on Western Cape farms since 2001.

Abrahams Fred 78 pioneer-businessman Paarl East murdered Nov 10 2008

Pioneering Paarl-East businessman Fred Abrahams, 78, was murdered in his home Nov 10 2008, on the Klein Drakenstein road. Son Adré Abrahams found his dad’s body……

Roux, Dawid-Hendrik 15, sexual-mutilation assault Hostel, Paarl exual-mutilation assault on Paarl Afrikaans matric pupil Dawid-Hendrik Roux (15) Feb1 2011

Wienands Michael and Michaeli, German tourists, attacked in room Stellenbosch Laibach lodge Nov 26 2009

Stellenbosch rural Laibach lodge attacked, German tourists robbed Nov 25 2009 – as described by journalist Malani Venter of Die Burger newspaper in Cape Town.

Foreign Africans flee Western Cape over xenophobia threats

And foreign black African job-seekers who wait for rides on the road outside Du Noon near Milnerton and outside Mbweni township near Paarl, also are very unsafe: they often attacked in xenophobia-related incidents by local black South Africans. http:/

Baragwanath hospital problems caused by ‘white saboteurs staffers’ claims ANC-premier

Harrismith ANC-councillors run a toilet-farm, sell sites for poor at R12,000 each – ANC minister for ‘human settlement’ Tokyo Sexwale is livid about an expose in The Times of a ‘toilet farm” at Tshiame outside Harrismith: where a field of free toilets built in 2008, is now ‘being sold at R12,000 each on 311 sites ‘to the poor’.

He will travel to Tshiame, Harrismith, Wednesday to see for himself a toilet farm that has been there for three years.Mandulo Maphumulo, Sexwale’s spokesman, said the minister had put his other commitments aside today to travel to Tshiame to see the toilet farm for himself. The toilets, just across the road from Tshiame, have been unused since 2008. It’s linked to the municipal sewage plant.Meanwhile many Tshiame residents have no flushing toilets at their homes.After three years they’d had enough and raised hell in violent protests after the municipality started selling off the stands on Friday.All the usual stuff: burned tyres, rolled boulders into the streets, threats to burn ANC-counsellors homes.


Farming with toilets - Only in South Africa!


Does SAPS maintain farm murder stats – or not?

FLASHBACK – Police Minister Mthethwa contradicted himself about Farm Attack statistics: does the SAPS statistics maintain stand-alone farm-murder statistics – or not?

On March 29, 2011 in parliament, in replies to written questions from DA-parliamentarian M M Swathe, police minister Nati Mthethwa said that ‘the statistics on farm murders are not available on the case administration system of the SAPS. Cases of murder are not listed seperately based on where they occur…’murder is considered murder whether in rural areas or urban areas…’

Which raises the question: where exactly did he get his stats from when he claimed that there had been ‘twelve murders on farms and smallholdings from December 2010 to (March 13 2011)?…

March 13 2011 Mthethwa: ‘There were twelve murders on farms and smallholdings… recorded by SAPS…

However his March 29 2011 statement directly contradicts his previous statement on March 13 2011, also in Parliament – when he said that “from December 2010 to date (March 13 2011) there had been twelve murders on farms and smallholding recorded by the SAPS” – and also adding considerable details showing that they took their ‘crime intelligence on rural crime’ very seriously.