Why are white farmers always tortured

Why are white SA farmers always tortured and mutilated if these are just ‘plain old armed robberies?’ asks Lita Fourie of the Tabita farm-attack trauma fund…

UPDATE: “The extensive plastic surgery still needed by farm-attack victim Mariëtta Nel – which was previously sponsored by the Tabita Charity organisation of Lita Cross Fourie – has now been offered for free by the Johannesburg Hospital. Tabita’s sponsorship therefore is no longer needed,’ said Mrs Fourie in a media statement today.

Dutch Article – Waarom word de Boeren altijd gemarteld?

The latest name-list of murdered SA farmers was updated to April 21 2011. We just get so many new attacks every day now that we can no longer update that list. Find it on

Why did they have to pour boiling water down Lita Fourie’s parents’ throat – why did her mother take so many hours to bleed to death? Why was half of Lita Fourie’s face blown away with a shotgun at point-blank range? Why were Alice and Helen Lotter’s wombs torn from their bodies while the women were still alive?

Mariette Nel

Mariette Nel

The mutilations in white South African farm-attack victims are decribed by medical experts at the Trauma Society of South Africa ‘as wounds usually only experienced in war-zones’

John Cross, 78, father of Lita Fourie, fought fiercely against his murderers Ephraim Mokwana and Michael Malamela while they were pouring boiling water down his throat. Then they shot his skull off. Her mother Bina was shot three times without killing her so that she would slowly bleed to death, suffering great pain for three hours…’ That’s the way Lita Fourie found her parents. She started Tabita, the charity which helps the great many traumatised, mutilated victims of South African farm attacks.

Lita Fourie walked many tens of thousands of kilometres through the SA countryside to raise funds for farm-attack victims. With unending energy she organises trauma-treatment for the many hundreds of surviving farm-attack victims each year. She receives hundreds of requests for help every day after survivors of farm-attacks are found mutilated and horribly traumatised. She tries to obtain plastic surgery for victims overseas. She even confronted the two black male killers of her parents several years ago in prison – after they had contacted her several years ago. She wanted to know from them why her parents were so horribly tortured with boiling water.

She wrote me: ‘my parents were 78 and 76 years old. They were tortured for five hours with boiling water. It was all arranged by a maid who had worked for them for 15 years and I wanted to know why. After I visited their torturers in prisonwhen they contacted me, I received a message from them: ‘I would be sued by the killers of my parents because they felt traumatised after my visit. I wanted to know why they had shot off my dad John Cross’ skull after they had poured boiling water down his throat; and why they had shot my mother Bina after torturing her with boiling water. She took hours to die, bleeding to death from her wounds. And that’s the way I found my parents at their farm. I have been trying to help traumatised victims of farm-attacks ever since…’

Mariëtte Nel – half her face blown away by shotgun blast, October 2002: Ladysmith farm: and she escaped a second ambush eight years later…

Mariette Nel Face Blown Away

Mariette Nel

Marietta Nel

Mariette Nel

The Tabita charity-girl is the Boer farmer Mariëtta Nel. Half of her face was blown away by a shotgun blast during an attack on her inherited family farm Mathafani outside Ladysmithg by three black men in October 2002. And ever since that time, she has not been able to eat a solid meal. There’s no money for plastic surgery: she bakes cakes all day long to support herself. The single Boer woman also has been suffering from chronic infections which are steadily destroying her health. Her farm income has been ruined and she has leased most of the farm-land to a neighbour because every time she tried to buy livestock, the animals just get robbed. She lives in constant fear: the three attackers were briefly arrested but not tried: and she reports seeing them on the streets of Ladysmith whenever she goes to town. It would cost at least 60,000 Euros to restore her jaw so that she would be able to consume solid food again. But the empoverished Boer woman refuses to move from the farm where she was born and her parents and forefathers were buried: even though her friends wprry: last year October, she survived another ambush by a gang who shot up her small farm-vehicle from the side of the road. There are rumours that another attempt will be made to kill the apparently indestructible, determined Boer woman. The motive can’t be robbery: last time they looted a mere R300 (about 30 Euros). Friends are now trying to raise funds so that they can install a security fence around her homestead.

Marietta Nel

Mariette Nel



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  • KennyBarker

    Similar bestial crimes against our people are taking place in every white populated country on Earth.

    The so-called “anti-racists” who want to see us whites become an extinct life-form are strangely silent about these REAL “hate crimes”.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Anonymous Suffering South African

    It’s simple White Genocide.

    All we hear nowadays about South Africa is how many whites are raped, tortured, slaughtered, killed, murdered.

    THEY constantly told us less than 10 years ago that it would bring a more ”diverse” and ”peacefull’ South Africa if the more strict and harsh rules in Apartiet were lifted.

    THEY told us we would still be safe less than 10 years ahead, even though the Whites were vastly outnumbered in the election.

    We are told that if we deny that we want a seperate part of that country, which no race, or ethnic group can lay historical claim to, was OURS, and we GAVE IT UP to be moral and charitable.

    Look at what we get, my own Sister was murdered, raped and tortured right in-front of her Fiance who was also eviscerated.

    We NEVER had anything to do with the ‘racist imperialism’, we just shared our country with people we didn’t understand and who didn’t understand us.

    LOOK at what we get. Is it so worth it to remain Liberal about this, to ignore the WHITE GENOCIDE, if it was blacks being killed, the world would SCREAM at us.

    But now we are alone, dying, and not a single soul who preached peace and end to apartheid will come to our aid.

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