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An act of solidarity

In a dramatic show of solidarity, Richards Bay residents were lining up to donate blood for attacked Hluhluwe farmer P J Hassard after his liver was badly injured. Doctors issued an urgent call for A-neg or O-neg blood after he would not stop bleeding. Many prayers are also being said for his survival, residents are reporting.

An act of solidarity


Peter-John Hassard shot, sustains liver-damage, farm attack Hluhluwe 5 black male gunmen

Hluhluwe, KZN – Peter-John Hassard, a young farmer of Silvasands Safaris near Khuhluwe, KZN – who is a son of ex-KZN rugby union president Peter Hassard – was
attacked on Tuesday morning May 20 2013 on his farm and shot.

He survived and fought back against the five black male attackers, reports a family friend.

Five black gunmen had held the workers on the farm at gunpoint – and PJ was attacked by the gunmen when he went to fetch the workers in his farm-vehicle.

They also shot him once through his body and surgery later showed that the bullet had damaged his liver – however he was still able to resist and fought back – managing to take away one of their firearms.

The thugs then fled.

The young farmer then drove himself to a doctor despite his injury and upon arrival there was taken to a Richards Bay Hospital for treatment.

His sister andra Hassard-Trethewey said her brother is in stable condition.

She wrote on Facebook: “PJ is out of theatre: his liver was damaged. Please keep him in your prayers he needs it.’

The local farming community have mounted a search party with the SAPS



The final countdown

Originally posted on Friends4Humanity:

Nelson Mandela’s ANC government announced earlier this year the implementation of the ‘second transition’ policy. The ‘second transition’ is defined as a radical call to finalize “economic freedom”.  The ANC regime chose to roll out this second transition with a death blow to the most vulnerable in the European Minority community, the:

  • impoverished;
  • displaced;
  • elderly;
  • traumatized; and
  • children.

Ironically, they chose to use the same strategies to marginalize the European Minority as Hitler used against the Jews.  Over the past 20 years they have implemented many programs, some legislated and some not, that have as their aim the destruction of the European minority.  These policies have been held up as redistribution of wealth and transformation.  However, they are true to communistic guidelines with the aim to bring into line those who do not align with their views.

These include the exclusion of the European minority from business ownership, trade and…

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Genocide and Communism Threaten South Africa

Originally posted on Friends4Humanity:

Published by the New American Magazine on Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Written by  Alex NewmanAlong a highway on a grassy hill, thousands of white crosses — each one representing an individual victim of brutal farm murders, or plaasmoorde in Afrikaans — are a stark reminder of the reality facing European-descent farmers in the new South Africa. One of the iron crosses was planted last year in memory of two-year-old Willemien Potgieter, who was executed on a farm and left in a pool of her own blood. Her parents were murdered, too — the father hacked to death with a machete. Before leaving, the half-dozen killers tied a note to the gate: “We killed them. We’re coming back.”

The Potgieter family massacre is just one of the tens of thousands of farm attacks to have plagued South Africa since 1994. Like little Willemien’s cross, many of those now-iconic emblems represent…

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